Brigade HQ.

0130 2 LIR reported started. Own artillery opened fire.

0200 Fire reported in town, probably an ammunition dump.

0230 Artillery ceased fire.

0245 RE mine lifting parties progressing favourably.

0330 2 LIR HQ established Scrubby Farm (740784). Out of touch with forward coys but apparently no opposition.

0405 RE mine lifting party working on road fork at 724789.

0450 Delay in progress due to mines.

0457 C Squadron 46 RTR held 300 yards up left fork from 724789 by RE mine lifting party.

0458  M target (15 roads intense) on Montenero station (704816).

0520 2 LIR reported forward coys held up, exact location unknown, situation confused.

0525 Situation 0500hrs, see Sitrep.

0620 C Squadron 46 RTR and one coy infantry approaching Convent.

0625 254 S/Tk Battery reported that 2 LIR not in Old Town by first light and that tanks were held by mines. Enemy reported still active on town.

0640 Old Town and high ground reported in our hands. One coy west of Old Town. 14 PoWs reported captured.

0645 RE reported now in Old Town.

0720 Nine PoWs identified I Bttn 64 Panzer Grenadier Regiment being sent back.

0845 One coy 2 LIR and C Squadron 46 RTR moving attack to New Town.

One small bridge reported blown, not known which one.

0850 6 Innisks reported patrol to area 6976  killed one enemy (later identified 9 Coy 79 Panzer Grenadier Regiment).

0930 2 LIR reported capture of New Town.

0940 HQ 2 LIR established 714792.

0945 1 RIrF patrol to area Station (7081) reported being near when M target 0458 hrs went down. Saw only two enemy who they shot at but with no apparent result.

1010 254 A/Tk Battery moving into position Petacciato.

1055 2 LIR reported bridges blown at 716799, 699816, 695805, 691802, 660765.

1400 6 Innisks carried out investigation of all non residents San Giacomo with FSS personnel. Forty Italian soldiers and twenty civilians to be evacuated tomorrow.

1515 56 Recce Regiment reported pt241 (7077) cleared.

1640 56 Recce Regiment reported at Colle di Breccia (6976) clear.

1715 Result of 2 LIR attack on Petacciato last night. See Sitrep.

1730 56 Recce Regiment reported farthest point reached approximately pt263 (6973) to be clear. Civilian information report enemy still in Montenero (H6572).

1805 38 Brigade immediate programme issued.

1900 TP established road junction 8076 first light tomorrow. Only vehicles 38 Brigade Group , Lt-Cols and above of 78 Division to be allowed forward.

Enemy losses in attack on Petacciato: 5 killed (at least), 17 PoWs (4 wounded), 2 x 75mm guns, 2 MG 42, 4 x 81mm mortars, 2 M/C combinations, 2 schmeissers, M/pistols, 4 MG 42s destroyed. Own losses: one officer and three ORs wounded, one carrier, one Sherman tank lost track.

1 RIrF.

0001 A Coy established a prisoner of war cage area of Brick Factory (MR 803767).

0130 Battle Patrol in position for their task in area White Farm (MR 736798).

0600 Battle Patrol mission completed and they return.

The 2 LIR attack was successful. In the afternoon, the CO accompanied by the IO/paid a visit to Petacciato to congratulate Lt-Col Rogers and view the ground ahead.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

0130 LIR attacked Petacciato. All objectives taken by 0730hrs Captain Clark MC held left flank with two platoons and killed one enemy.

Major Little and Captain McPhillips rejoined the Bttn from hospital.

1400 FSP came to the town and in conjunction with Bttn IO interrogated all civilians not permanent residents of the town.

Bttn placed at short notice to move forward.

2 LIR.

G Company move fwd to FUP F Company move fwd at 0045.

0115 H Company move fwd to area in rear of G Company. Battalion HQ at 756781.

0130 Zero Hour. F & G Companies advance towards Petacciato supported by Arty barrage. Company enter Old Town (Petacciato) 5 minutes after barrage lifts at approx 0230 hrs. G Company get held up by MG fire. Battalion supported by C Sqn 46 Royal Tank Regiment. H Company carrier blown up on mine at Road Junction 722797. Captain G Fitzgerald and 3 Other Ranks wounded. An Engineer’s truck was also blown up at this junction. And a tank of 46 RTR had a track blown off.

0500 Petacciato clear of enemy. E Company in New Town 711786.

0530 Battalion less Battalion HQ occupy Petacciato. F Company 712797. G Company 710795. E Company 713790. H Company 716794.

0630 Battalion HQ move to Farm 715793. Companies dig in and prepare for possible counter attack.

Enemy occasionally shell fwd slopes in front of Petacciato & Road Junction 722791.

The personnel in H Companies Carrier were the only casualties suffered by the Battalion in the attack on Petacciato.

1800 One Pl from 6 Innisks take up position on E Company’s left.