Brigade HQ.

0500 Bttns reported quiet night.

1500 Brigade HQ closed present location and reopened same time at farm 807777.

1555 132 Field Regiment reported enemy registering DF tasks at 723785 and 745800.

1600 132 Field Regiment OO No 4 received.

1610 132 Field Regiment reported enemy registering 715809.

1635 Brigade informed maximum air support for 19 October.

1800 Brigade informed Divisional FSO to expect approximately 100 Italian villages report coming from San Giacomo as a result of 6 Innisks sweep of the village.

1825 6 Innisks reported movement observed in Cemetery area 1130hrs.

1 RIrF.

Captain BDH Clark returns to duty.

2 LIR had the task of assaulting Petaciatto in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Battle patrol had the job of patrolling the right flank of the attack.

1400 Battle patrol left for OP Farm (MR750790), where they were lie up until midnight. BP Commander was 2/Lt Phillips.

1700 Bttn begins to move into new area.

2125 Move completed.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

A very quiet day with no activity whatsoever.

Five more escaped British PoWs came through today – they were given a hot meal and sent back through the usual channels.

2 LIR.

0100 Patrol ‘Screen’ returns. REs clear road of mines up to Pt 150

0300 Standing Patrol of one Pl of E Company commanded by Sgt McNally. To secure ad protect road Termoli-Petacciato from 731787 to 741785.

CO’s “O” Group. Final instructions for an attack on Petacciato. Brigade to attack on a 2 Company front. F right and G left. E Company to move after dusk and secure positions astride road up to and including Pt 150/731788 and to protect Battalion Forming Up Point H Company in reserve, to move along side Battalion HQ.

1400 Battalion Intelligence Section and Battle Patrol leave area. Battalion HQ to go and mark Battalion FUP (Start Line).

1800 E Company move fwd.

1930 Battalion march to assembly area 755700. Order of march. F G H Battalion HQ. Route via road Termoli-Petacciato.

2100 E Company in position. 7 Pl 726786. 8 Pl 736786. 9 Pl & Company HQ. Route via road Termoli-Petacciato.

2200 Battalion FUP established on line 740786 south to 739700.