Brigade HQ.

0800 Patrol 6 Innisks to area Cemetery (709782) found no signs of enemy but heard enemy MT movement and saw enemy patrol on way but no contact.

Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

1100 2 LIR reported enemy deserter from 16 Panzer Recce Bttn gave himself up at 1015.

1630 2 LIR reported enemy shelling in area 757787.

1745 2 LIR informed that Brigade Commander orders that 22 W/T sets be man packed and move with forward troops. 38 Brigade OO No 25 issued.

38 Brigade Intelligence Summary issued in conjunction with OO No 28.

Amendment No 1to 38 Brigade OO No 28 issued.

Captain RM Cunningham, Staff Captain, admitted to ADS 152 Field Ambulance and evacuated to 3 CCS. A/Major J Norman, 6 Innisks, appointed A/Staff Captain vice Captain RM Cunningham.

1 RIrF.

1400 CO gives orders with regard to the Bttn taking over the 2 LIR positions tomorrow.

Major HEN Bredin admitted to hospital.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

A church service was held for the troops in the village church.

Captain McCaldin took out the night patrol and two Indian NCOs went out also.

2 LIR.

0200 Patrol ‘Cover 2’ returns. Sappers cleared road of mines up to Pt 150. No enemy encountered or seen.

0215 Patrol ‘Raider’ returns. At 1830 hrs found Tre Petacciato unoccupied. Evidence suggest it was used as an OP (see sheet 14 for report) during the day and not as an MG post. The Railway House 50 yds further inland was empty. Advancing Patrol was challenged from Railway at 734804. Two Germans ran fwd one was shot in the stomach and the other also fell. The MG from the post was thrown into the sea. There was no identification in the area. Heavy MG fire on fixed lines was coming from area 721797 and also from re-entrant at 728800. The Patrol replied, while a quick search was made for the wounded man, they could not be found, and may have fallen over the embankment which was under continuous fire if any movement was made. Information confirms position of 1 Company/1 Battalion 64 Panzer Grenadier Regiment as given by prisoners.

0730 CO out on recce.

0845 An American pilot who had been shot down over Petacciato eight days previously and has been hiding in the village, escaped to our lines and reached BATTALION HQ.

1000 Numerous civilians crossed over to our lines from Petacciato giving the impression of mass exodus. They were escorted to Bd HQ for interrogation.

German soldier of Dutch origin surrendered to Carrier Pl identified as belonging to 16 Recce Battalion.

1130 CO & 2/ic called to Brigade for conference.

1500 Patrol ‘Probe’ of 5 Ors commanded by Cpl McKnight. Xxx

Platoon locality reported to be in area 725800.

1930 Patrol ‘Screen’ of 1 Pl commanded by Captain Grannell. To protect Sappers sweeping road of mines up to Pt 150/733786.

2155 Patrol ‘Prejudice’ returns. Report of Patrol ‘Prejudice’.

1000 hrs German Patrol of 7 men were seen. Two men were seen. Two men approached Road House, 748785. When fired on they took avoiding action and disappeared. At 1400 hrs Road House was shelled from area behind Petacciato. Patrol returned at 0045 hrs 18th. They lay up in area 731802 saw and heard nothing.

Lieutenant F Lyness took over duties of Intelligence Officer.

Lance Corporal Frank Clinch, London Irish Rifles.