Brigade HQ.

0800 Bttns reported quiet night. Situation on Brigade front and results on patrols see Sitrep.

1700 Bttns reported quiet day.

1725 Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

Summary of enemy movement on Brigade front issued. 

1 RIrF.

A quiet day. 20% of Bttn allowed into Termoli.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

Three more escaped PoWs came through our lines with a Yugoslav, who had accompanied them on their journey south. At tonight, a patrol of 7 led by Major Crocker MC plus one officer of 46 RTR went out to recee tank runs, river crossings and a Bttn assembly area in 7377. Battle dress was issued.

2 LIR.

0300 Patrol ‘Black’ of 1 Platoon commanded by Major Rowlette. To dominate ground in area Ring Contour 755787 and make fwd observation.

0600 Patrol ‘Blood’ returned. Report road junction 723790 clear. Patrol lay up in wood 713800. At 2345 heard heavy\Transport approaching town from north. At 0115 German Patrol of 22 passed within 40 yards of ‘Blood’ in NE direction towards the sea. They were moving in file at 8 yds interval. ‘Blood moved to 710799. Nothing heard.

0800 C O to 6 Innisks.

1050 Patrol ‘Black’ some mortar bombs landed on the slopes fwd of the Convent and to its left. This was observed by E Company also.

1100 ‘Black’ reports more mortar bombs near White Farm 734794.

1200 Arty D F Ack changed to S O S Ack. 1 Sec of Sappers arrive at F Company to go out with Patrol ‘Cover’.

1400 Capt Woods MC & Lieutenant Lyness to Brigade for lecture re German Army.

1500 Patrol ‘Sweat’ of 12 Other Ranks commanded by Lieutenant Seymour accompanied by an Italian Liason Officer. To penetrate into Petacciato to find out enemy strength and if possible make him disclose his disposition. Also to take a prisoner.

1615 Patrols ‘Black & Sweat’ meet. ‘Black’ returning.

1900 Patrol ‘Cover’ of 1 Platoon F Company to cover Sappers clearing road of mines on road to Petacciato.

2000 Patrol ‘Black’ returned at 2000 hrs. Reports that two OPs were posted at OP Farm 754787 and Road House 745785. 0810 hrs two British fighters flew over Petacciato, there was no enemy A/A fire. During the day the enemy was ranging with mortars on areas road 7180 and 7278. Multiple Mortar firing from behind Petacciato on 733797. Enemy shelled areas 733797 & Red House. No movement observed.

Brigade authorise rum issue for all ranks tonight.