War Diaries – 13th October 1943

Brigade HQ.

0500 Situation on Brigade front see Sitrep.

0600 2 LIR reported quiet night. Patrol shot up enemy vehicle on road at 753784 and although they failed to stop it, caused considerable damage to the vehicle and wounded at least one enemy inside.

0700 Sitrep.

0730 6 Innisks reported tank cross T Simarca probably at 750739.

1000 Brigade patrol results see Sitrep.

1930 Brigade bombline now 68 easting.

1 RIrF.

An uneventful day.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

Further improvements to the defensive position went on daily. Reliefs took place between reserve coy in the village and a forward coy every three days. The rain has now ceased and given place to brilliant sunshine. Patrols went out again at night.

2 LIR.

0230 Patrol ‘Observation’ of 20 other ranks commanded by Lieutenant Lyness. To establish forward observation post in order to study closely the village of Petacciato.

0600 Patrol ‘Snoop’ returned./information obtained’ At 0200 hrs Diesel Truck approached down road from Petacciato. It was engaged in area 755780. one occupant believed wounded.

1130 Brigadier accompanies by a Brigadier from 8th Indian Division had conference with Officers Commanding 1/RIF, 2/LIR, 6/Innisks.

1430 Commanding Officer visits Company areas.

1800 Patrol ‘Observation’ returned. Report of ‘Observation’ German Patrol in area 7578 morning of 12th German truck abandoned at 757780. Presumably the one fired upon by Patrol ‘Snoop’. Observation Post at 745790. Six hours at observation on Petacciato. Light anti-aircraft fire from town. Movement in woods forward of town & at 712810. Old German OP at Farm 745785. Red Shoulder Strap found.

1900 Patrol ‘Blood’ of 3 Other Ranks commanded by Sergeant Johnson. To find out if Petacciato was still occupied.

Lieutenant Lyness to Brigade to make verbal report on ‘Observation’. 

No enemy activity in the Battalion area during the last 24 hours.