Brigade HQ – TERMOLI.

0645 6 Innisks reported coy change over completed.

0700 2 LIR reported enemy shelling of G Coy area. (800767) 0330hrs, otherwise no activity.

0800 6 Innisks and 1 RIrF reported all quiet.

1400 It was decided in view of the anti- British feeling apparent in Termoli and reports of Germans remaining in the town in civilian clothes to carry out a careful investigation of all men of military age and to search all houses. Interpreters were provided under Divisional arrangements and 1 RIrF provided personnel for search parties and the cordon around the town. The sweep disclosed a very large number of ex-military personnel in the town and these were dispatched to San Severo. Public feeling was not apparently embittered by the investigations and the Termolese expressed great satisfaction at our business like and justified action.

Lieut TC Osborn (Cheshire) attached to Brigade HQ.

A 2 LIR patrol of Lieut Seymour and 15 men ambushed the farm house at 761781 where, it had been reported, the farmer was a well known Fascist and had been regularly meeting enemy patrols there. Unfortunately, no enemy arrived but the patrol  arrested the farmer and he was brought in and handed to divisional FSS.

6 Innisks’ patrols to 73760 on the western bank of the T Simarca and pt 88 (7722) found no suitable crossing of the river and encountered no enemy.

1 RIrF.

1100 Bttn HQ, C Coy and S Coy slightly move their position.

We were informed that the Bttn would be used to round up inhabitants of the town in order that FS could investigate for suspects.

1200 CO gave his orders dividing the town up into blocks and detailing a company off to each block. Each coy wants to be divided into four groups: 1) Stops, 2) A search party consisting of an officer and two men. 3) Posse to take Italians to the Coy Report Centre, 4) Escort to take Italians Bttn Report Centre. The adjutant was to establish a Bttn consisting of I section and 2 ORs, which was to assist the FS Police and to which the coys would support when this missions were completed. The Regimental Police were established along the main road to direct escorts to the investigators.

The only incident was the shooting of a man, who threw grenades without injuring anyone.

1220 Bttn mission completed and coys return to their billets by 1730.

Thirty Reinforcements joined the Bttn in the afternoon.

Fusilier Patrick O’Regan, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

A party of officers, NCOs and men arrived from 8 Indian Division to stay with the Bttn for three days.

Two escaped British PoWS came through our lines disguised as Italian peasants and spoken highly of the help they had received from civilians. A patrol programme was started with the dual purpose of contacting the enemy and reconnoitring lines of advance for a future attack.

2 LIR.

Patrol ‘Black’ locate enemy guns reported in areas 7576 & 7876 and if possible to shoot them up.

0900 Commanding Officer & Intelligence Officer visited Company areas.

0945 Brigadier at Battalion HQ.

1345 Intelligence Officer visits Company areas re defence plans.

1630 8 civilians crossed from enemy lines were interrogated. Passed back to Brigade.

1900 Patrol ‘Green’ of 15 other ranks commanded by Lieutenant Seymour set out to ambush 5 Germans reported to be meeting Italian Fascist at Farm 761781. Patrol returned at 0515/12th. No enemy turned up. Owner of Farm brought back for interrogation said that Germans had used his Farm and had been in the locality recently. They had cleared out several days previously.

British & Indian Officers and NCOs from the 8th Indian Division attached to the Battalion. They are sent out to Companies for training.