Brigade HQ – TERMOLI.

0630 6 Innisks reported all quiet. 1 RIrF reported early shellfire area 0300-0500hrs, otherwise to report.

1024 AASC clarified position as to bombings. Brigade to submit always through Tentacle. Division will only supplement bomblines if it is thought that the Brigades are not in a position to know the limits of forward troops on their own front.

1635 2 LIR reported many enemy patrols at 786771 1530hrs and 762765 1625hrs. Spasmodic enemy shelling throughout the day.

1 RIrF reported all quiet. Enemy gun located 743768.

1720 6 Innisks reported two enemy aircraft over Bttn area, otherwise nothing to report.

1845 Orders for transport check Termoli – San Giacomo issued.

2030 6 Innisks reported change over completed with interference.

2055 1 RIrF reported 5 casualties through enemy shelling, otherwise nothing to report. Civilian reports indicate OP at pt286 (6875) composed of four semi tracked vehicles.

2110 1 RIrF reported change over completed.

Letter on attachment of 8 Indian Division personnel to 38 Brigade issued. Situation brigade front see sitrep.

1 RIrF.

0500 Stand to and defensive patrols.

1600 Captain BDH Clark admitted to hospital. Lt DFT Thomason takes over as Adjutant.

Orders Group. Orders: Bttn was move into reserve into the area that it took up on the night of the 5th.

1400 C and D Coy positions were to be taken over by 6 Innisks. B Coy positions were to be taken over by 2 LIR. Brigade support weapons to remain. A 15cwt truck per coy to report at 1730 to take away heavy kit. Coys were to march away: D, HQ and S moving first. Bttn timings so arranged to ensure a smooth withdrawal.

1845 Bttn starts to withdrawal. On arrival at new position, Bttn HQ houses temporarily in building MR815780.

Lance Corporal Frederick Tinsley, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – SAN GIACOMO.

Major BL Bryar joined the Bttn as 2.i.c. The CO returned to take command of the battalion and on the night of 10/11 October, coy positions were changed slightly.

The enemy continued his spasmodic shelling but was now concentrating more on the San Giacomo-Termoli road, and gun positions west San Giacomo.

Major AW Gibbons MC also joined the battalion today and assumed command of C Coy. Many civilians come through from the enemy’s lines bringing information, which often proved valuable.


Am Intermittent enemy shelling of area from unobserved positions.

Am Enemy fighter-bombers attack area of Termoli Harbour.

1500 CO’s “O” Group.

1530 Corps Commander and Divisional Commander in Battalion area.

1700 Brigadier in Battalion area and visits Battalion HQ.

1900 H Company withdrawn into Battalion reserve. Carrier Platoon and MMG Pl; take over positions. F Company from reserve to area 155/791758.

1930 Patrol ‘June’ 8 other ranks commanded by Lieutenant O’Connor went forward to investigate enemy machine gun posts at road junction 155/722790. Patrol stated that they were stalked by enemy patrol in area 155/75885 & reached no further than 753784.

Standing Patrol at bridge 789771 to be replaced by a section to stay in the area all day. A Platoon to take up position nightly north of the road.