6th November

Brigade HQ.

0830 Brigade Commander attends Divisional Commander’s Conference. The main subject discussed was that of reliefs. Brigades were ordered to work out a roster for three battalions. The Brigade Commander wished the battalions to spend 8 days in the line whereas the other two brigades wanted their battalions to spend four days.

The roster was made out so that a battalion, after spending eight days in the line, would then be in reserve for a certain period and then spend a certain period in a rest period, part of that time being at the Divisional Rest Camp in Castel del Rio.

The final arrangements were as follows: A battalion would spend eight days in the line, four days in reserve to another brigade, four days at Castel del Rio, eight days in Brigade reserve and then back into the line again.

A small Rest Camp was opened up at Belvedere (9718) for enabling a small number of men to get a rest and opportunities to get dry and have a bath.

1700 2 LIR leave San Apollinare to move forward and take over 2 Innisks’ positions.

2200 Reliefs proceeded extremely well and all now complete.

2 Innisks now on way back. Transport was laid on to take them from Sasaleone to Castel del Rio.

2300 Warning Order: C Coy 1 RIrF will now be relieved by a coy 2 LIR.

D Coy 1 RIrF will move up and take up positions at Casa Salara 022263 u/c 2 LIR.

This change in policy was due to the Conference at Divisional HQ and the changes due to the new system of reliefs.

2 Innisks – CASONE.

1000 CO’s Conference reference to relief of bttn.

1400 2 LIR O Group arrive at Bttn HQ.

1700 The leading coys of 2 LIR arrive at Bttn HQ. B Coy leaves for Castel del Rio.

1830 D Coy, C Coy and Bttn HQ relieved without incident.

2015 A Coy relieved without incident. Bttn marches back to Cuviola where MTO has TCVs waiting. The bttn em-buses and proceeds to the castle at Castel del Rio.


0900 CO’s Recce Party left for forward positions.

Morning spent in preparing mule loads etc.

1400 1 RIrF recce party arrived at Bttn HQ to take over billets.

1415 Bttn HQ moved off to rendezvous at Brigade HQ.

1710 Coys began to move forward with mule teams.

2030 Relief completed.

7th November

Brigade HQ.

0100 Slight shelling Brigade HQ. One officer from 2 Innisks wounded.

0830 Brigade Commander visited 2 LIR.

0900 Conference at Brigade HQ, BMs from 3 Brigades and G-2 discuss final question of relief programme.

1340 Area 028263 shelled intermittently during the day.

1800 Coy 2 LIR commences relief coy 1 RIrF at Point 387 031255 and Spinello.

D Coy 1 RIrF relieves coy 2 LIR at Casa Salara 022263.

All reliefs complete by 2000 hrs.

Intermittent shelling during the night.


C Coy relieved by a coy of LIR while D Coy into Salara 021263 u/c LIR.

2 Innisks – CASTEL DEL RIO.

0330 Bttn reported present in castle. A, B, C, D and HQ Coys are accommodated in Castel del Rio. S Coy goes to Firenzuola.

1000 CO’s Conference. It is decided that D Coy be disbanded, due to shortage of manpower. Bttn now to consist of A, B, C, HQ and S Coys and a Battle Patrol of an Officer and 20 men.


0600 Sitrep: Spasmodic mortaring and shelling of bttn area during the night. Otherwise nothing to report.

1200 Brigadier and CO of 1 RIrF visited Bttn HQ with a view to moving up another coy of 1 RIrF in reserve.

H Coy to move forward from western Salara and relieve C Coy 1 RIrF, now under command at Spinello – Point 387, 032255 – during the course of the evening.

Pioneer Officer, Lt Barker, recced new mule track from stream junction 017258 to Bttn HQ to avoid previous precipitous track used by 1 RIrF.

1800 Sitrep: Intermittent shelling of E Coy area 028263. E Coy HQ shelled at 1340 hrs believed by 88 mm battery from general direction of Mulinetto. H Coy relieved C Coy 1 RIrF on Point 387 and Spinello. One coy 1 RIrF moved forward in reserve to western Salara 022263.

Died on this Day:

Lance Sergeant Henry Sye DCM, London Irish Rifles.

8th November.

Brigade HQ.

Listening post at 035264 fired on an enemy patrol, about 10 strong.

Enemy patrol approached from east but did not return fire.

Slight shelling of area during day.

1500 Spaduro Farm heavily shelled. Destructive shoot.

A good wind and a fair amount of sun had hardened the tracks considerably.

Local protection patrols only during the night.

Slight shelling of Casa Salara early on in the night.


O Group to discuss future move into line and subsequent role as Brigade reserve and move to Castel del Rio rest area.

2 Innisks – CASTEL DEL RIO.

1100 The Brigade Commander pays a visit to Bttn HQ. The day is spent cleaning weapons and bathing.


0600 Sitrep: Listening patrol at 035264 fired on enemy patrol about 10 strong approaching from east at 038264. Fire not returned. Intermittent shelling of bttn area during night.

Flank Information: 36 Brigade on right usually send a patrol to Casetta di Sotto 041259 every night. 11 Brigade on left marking enemy minefield at 015263.

1400 Intention Night 8/9: Standing Patrol of 1 NCO and 3 ORs to 037265. Time out 1900 hrs, in 2200 hrs.

Otherwise local protection.

9th November

Brigade HQ.

0545 4.2” Mortars put down HF on Pimples 038266.

0830 Slight shelling Casa Salara 034263.

1500 Slight shelling Spaduro 028263 and Gesso 0124.

Local protection only tonight, except for one recce patrol from 2 LIR to 037266.

1715 D Support Group MMGs commence HF shoot on Scaglia and Vignola 0528.

2 LIR recce patrol during the night 037266 fired at with rifles from enemy positions on ring contour 038266. Also encountered MG fire from 043263. Patrol returned by 2130 hrs.


Route to Casone 022258 and reserve 3” Mortar position recced.

2 Innisks – CASTEL DEL RIO.

1400 Captain BH MacCorkell is appointed Adjutant in place of Captain ET Irving, who becomes 2nd in Command of A Coy and PRI.

Warning Order is received to move to Trevelato 998273 on night 10th Nov.

9 November 2 LIR – ITALY.

0600 Sitrep: Slight shelling Casa Salara 034263 early in night. No casualties. Forward standing patrol report movement and firing of 6 rifle grenades from area of Pimples 038266. Grenades falling to right of forward platoon. Bttn mortars put HF on Pimples at 0545 hrs.

1200 Intermittent mortaring of bttn area.

1800 Weather – heavy shower of rain followed by first snowfall of season. Snow fell to depth of one inch.

10th November

Brigade HQ.

0600 2 LIR report having had a quiet night.

In accordance with relief plan, 2 Innisks move forward to area Travellata 996273 from the rest area in Castel del Rio and come under command 11 Brigade.


Recce diversion on Gesso mule track supplying A/Tk guns and Spinella. There are now two jeeps and seven dead mules in the mud on one stretch of track 25 yards long.

Party at Bttn HQ for officers and sgts of B and C Coys. Major R Titteton on leave to get married.

2 Innisks – CASTEL DEL RIO.

1700 Bttn moves by TCV to Travelato in Brigade Reserve.


0630 Sitrep: Nothing to Report.

0900 Allied Planes bombing and strafing enemy positions well ahead of bttn area.

1415 One Allied plane shot down over bttn area. Plane landed in enemy lines. Pilot bales out and H Coy report him landing on right flank in 8 A&SH positions. 36 Brigade notified. 8 A&SH send out patrols to pick him up.

1430 IO and coy guides left Bttn HQ to recce mule track to 11 Brigade reserve area at Parra Tombe di Sassatello, 999271.

Intention for 1 RIrF: to relieve 2 LIR on night of 13thh. Bttn to move to area 999271 for 4 days before moving back to Castel del Rio for 4 days.

1800 Enemy air activity in rear areas