16th November

Brigade HQ.

0930 GOC’s Conference at this HQ.

Orders arising out of this conference were as follows:

38 (Irish) Brigade will take over sector held by 66 Infantry Brigade (1 British Division). Sector is roughly from Casa Sillaro to 30 Northing.

2 Innisks will relieve 2 Scots Fusiliers on 18th November.

36 Brigade will take over present Brigade sector.

1 Guards Brigade will take over 36 Brigade sector.

These orders are as a result of 13 Corps’ decision to regroup to equalise timings of troops in the line.

Certain amount of enemy movement seen by 1 RIrF during the day.

A/Tk guns at Gesso obtained 12 hits in 16 shots on Scaglia.

Local protection patrols at night.

2145 Warning order concerning reliefs passed to all concerned.

1 RIrF are to be relieved by 8 A&SH night 18/19. On relief, 1 RIrF go into the Brigade reserve area at La Strada 005238.

66 Field Regiment will be in support in new sector.

Quiet night. Nothing to reports submitted.

1 RIrF – CASONE 022258.

Considerable enemy movement seen and engaged by artillery.

0930 White ambulance seen to remove 4 stretcher cases.

A/Tk position on Gesso received direct hit. No casualties.

1115 A/Tk guns engaged enemy HQ at Scaglia 046285 scoring 12 hits in 14 shots.

1220 Direct hit by mortar bomb on 3” Mortar OP. Killed Sgt de Negri and wounded one. CMO retaliated.

Further movement engaged throughout the day.

Died on this Day:

Lance Sergeant Victor De Negri, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

2 Innisks – LA STRADA.

1400 Order received that the bttn will probably move to occupy positions north of San Clemente, relieving 2 Royal Scots and to be under command of 66 Brigade, 1 Division.


1430 Coy guides recced track from Travelato to village Cuviolo in preparation for move back at night 18/19.

Transport to meet bttn at Cuviolo and to take them to Castel del Rio.

17th November

Brigade HQ.

0800 Brigade Commander and SC visit 66 Brigade HQ. Also, visits GOC 1 British Division.

Ridge 028258 shelled during the morning.

Two guns firing on the Gesso ridge located and silenced by 17 Field Regiment.

Much movement seen at Ortica 041278.Three direct hits scored.

1800 Coy 2 Innisks at Casone moves to 006237 and reverts to command own battalion.

1900 3” Mortars 1 RIrF harass areas 045273 and 043273.

1945 4.2” Mortars harass area 046274.

1 RIrF sent out patrol of 1 officer and three to enemy positions along Salara ridge at 037266. They were unable to approach near to enemy positions but heard enemy in the house, believed to be the one at Pt 237 040263.

Slight shelling of Point 362 during the night.

1 RIrF – CASONE 022258.

0740 Enemy movement and SP gun engaged by Artillery.

0810 OP shelled by guns 53 and 58.

Countered by CMO.

1035 Gesso ridge being heavily shelled.

1100 Direct hit on A/Tk house buried ammunition. No casualties.

1200 Casa Ortica 041279 has been sandbagged and movement observed there.

1225 D Coy establish wireless communications with Casa Salara, line having been out since 1st light.

1600 Movement at Ortica engaged by 17 Field who registered 3 direct hits.

2 Innisks – LA STRADA.

0900 CO, IO and Coy representatives visit area of 2 Royal Scots to recce, preparatory to taking over area.

1430 CO visits Brigade HQ and informs the Brigadier of his plans for relieving 2 Royal Scots.

1900 Mortar Platoon and MMG Platoon move to Apollinare.


Bttn still in 11 Brigade reserve area.

18th November

Brigade HQ.

0800 2 Innisks leave La Strada and move forward to take over from 2 Royal Scots.

2 Innisks come under command 66 Brigade.

Quiet day.

1800 8 A&SH commence relief 1 RIrF.

On completion of relief, 1 RIrF moved to positions in the reserve area at La Strada and come under command 36 Brigade.

2130 4.2” Mortars harassing shoots at 042272.

2200 All reliefs now completed.

2 Innisks now under command 66 Brigade (1 British Division).

1 RIrF at La Strada in reserve and u/c 36 Brigade.

2 LIR cease to be under command 11 Brigade and move to Rest Area at Castel del Rio.

D Support Group become non operational except for MMG and Mortar Platoon with 2 Innisks.

Following now u/c 38 Brigade: 2 LIR, D Support Group (less MMG and Mortar Platoon), 152 Field Ambulance, C Squadron 12 CAR, and 17 Field Regiment.

1 RIrF – CASONE 022258.

0600 B Coy area shelled and MG-ed.

2040 Relieved by 8 A&SH.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

0830 The CO, Adjutant, and IO move to 2 Royal Scots’ area. Bttn less B Coy move by march route to Cuviola, where they emboss and proceed to relieve 2 Royal Scots in area of San Clemente.

1430 A and C Coys report take over complete.

1730 Mortars take over complete.

1815 Own MG Platoon one casualty from shelling.

1855 A, C Coys, MMG Platoon takeover complete. Battle Patrol in position in B Coy area.

1930 C Coy send contact Patrol to 56 Recce Squadron.

2050 B Coy, 4.2” Mortars OP and MMG Platoon Kensingtons arrive.

2240 Takeover complete. The CO 2 Royal Scots leaves. Bttn now under command of 66 Brigade, 1 Division.

2310 Two enemy shells fall in Bttn HQ area.


Morning spent preparing for move. All stores etc jeeped to central point, thence to be conveyed in 15 cwts to Castel del Rio.

0900 CO, IO and Pioneer Corporal went forward to recce new positions in Monte Grande area, which 38 Brigade would be taking over from 1 Division.

1300 CO’s recce party returned to Caniglio.

1730 Bttn HQ, S, G and H Coys, in that order, moved off by march route along track from Travelato to Cuviolo. E Coy moved back from 007264.

1900 Bttn arrived at Cuviolo and boarded transport.

2100 Bttn now billeted in castle at Castel del Rio

19th November

Brigade HQ.

Brigade non operational.

Brigade Commander returns to Rear Brigade at Castel del Rio.

Brigade Commander visits 2 LIR and Brigade B Echelons at Firenzuola during the day.


Plans made for removal of A/Tk guns. Another direct hit on Gesso house today buried rations. One gun destroyed.

Party at HQ for Officers and Sgts of D Coy.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

0005 The CO pays a visit to B, A and C Coys.

0200 One heavy shell in valley below Bttn HQ.

0220 One heavy shell in Bttn HQ area.

0233 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0248 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0301 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0302 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0303 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0304 CO arrives back at Bttn HQ.

0321 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0330 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0340 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0351 One shell in Bttn HQ area.

0413 Blitz “Sophie” demanded and fired.

0600 Approx 12 Mortar bombs and two shells to the right of Bttn HQ.

1245 C Coy HQ has 9 rounds from enemy light mortar in their area.

1320 Bombing of area in rear of Bttn HQ. Actual area not known, appears to be our own planes.

1410 Six enemy observed at 013298, reported by C Coy.

1415 Mortar fires on 013298, rounds fell slightly short of target.

1500 Bttn under command of 2 Infantry Brigade.

1535 C Coy area mortared.

1730 Battle Patrol send standing Patrols to 008299 and 003292.

1830 Harassing fire, laid on points 352, 358, 278 to carry on from 2330 hrs to 0555 hrs.

2010 C Coy report wounding of two Pioneers of flare laying party. Wiring between A and C Coys completed but no flares laid.

2150 The CO visits C Coy.

2210 C Coys’ contact Patrol to recce at 011288. Reported contact made.

2230 8 Platoon OP report gun firing on bearing of 75 degrees and a mortar on a bearing of 60 degrees, at a distance of 800 yards.


Baths, change of clothing and cinema shows arranged for all personnel.

20th November

Brigade HQ.

Brigade non operational.

Brigade Commander visits 2 LIR during the morning and attends dinner party there in the evening with the Divisional Commander.


Tanks to tow A/Tk guns to 019243 from where a tractor will remove them. Bttn at rest.

2 Innisks – SAN CLEMENTE.

0530 Coys report NTR.

0610 Battle Patrol and B Coy’s three standing patrols return.

0850 Captain Duane and IO leave to recce area of Bazano, prior to taking over coy area from D Coy 6 Gordons by C Coy.

0900 Brigade Commander and staff of 2 Infantry Brigade visit Bttn HQ and are taken to OP by the CO and shown front.

1045 Two mortar bombs land forward of Bttn HQ.

1235 Six mortar bombs in vicinity of Bttn HQ and B Coy.

Sick state total for unit – 17. Hospital evacuation 6982333 L/Sgt R Sharman.

1400 Major Kerr, Captain Cocksedge and Padre visit Bttn HQ.

1835 Battle Patrol out in position in front of A Coy.

2130 C Coy report light in Sillaro.

2145 Battle Patrol leave A Coy.

2205 018298 HMG now firing at 850 yards. C Coy report MG firing towards river.

2235 Contact Patrol reaches Recce.

2305 Battle Patrol returns from 011301. MG located at 012302. Otherwise NTR.


CQMSs dealt with deficiencies and exchange of equipment

Snow equipment drawn by QM.

1900 CO’s O Group.: to deal with forthcoming move into the line and general survey of local situation.