Brigade HQ – 588913.

0500 Bttns nothing to report overnight.

0510 Brigade informed by Division of restriction of MT movement forward of Vasto and Montedorisio and 9158. Bttns informed.

0900 Major R Foster, G2 (Air), 5 Corps gave talk to Adjutants and IOs bttns at Brigade HQ. Major HFW Holmes, 1 RIrF, Brigade Major 38 Brigade posted 2 i/c 1 RIrF. Major J Stewart 8 A&SH posted to this HQ as Brigade Major.

1810 Rum issue authorised all troops tonight.

1955 Sitrep. Nothing to report.

2031 Lt GE Cole LO, 38 Brigade attached to 87 Squadron 79 Group USAAF for three days.

1 RIrF. 

Battalion rested. Major HFM Holmes joined Battalion and was appointed 2.i.c. Captain Bass admitted to hospital.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Continuous rain throughout the day.

0945 Adjutant and IO attended lecture on air cooperation by G2 Air 5 corps.

Major Bayley, OC B Coy left to go as instructor to North Africa.

Large mail, including papers, for Bttn. Rum issue at night.

2 LIR.

0900 Commanding Officer’s O Group and promotion conference at Battalion HQ.

Routine wef 10th Reveille 0630 – Breakfast 0730 Midday Meal 1230 Dinner 1630 Supper 1900. No Stand to.