Brigade HQ – SAN SALVO.

0500 Bttns nothing to report over night.

0800 Brigade HQ closed San Salvo 607827 and reopened same time at station of Istonio 591897.

1 RIrF.

Battalion rested.

Major DEH Hayward MC D Coy posted to HQ Coy and assumed command.  Captain JE McNally MC C Coy posted to B Coy and assumed command.

Captain JS Clarke assumed command D Coy.  Captain NW Bass HQ Coy posted to C Coy and appointed 2.i.c.

Captain EL Gibson S Coy posted to A Coy.  Lt LW Fricke C Coy posted to D Coy.

Captain JS Clarke promoted A/Major wef 5 Nov 43

Captain JE McNally MC promoted A/Major wef 5 Nov43

Lt RG Wilkin promoted A/Captain wef 21 Oct 43

Lt DJ. Thomason promoted A/Captain wef 29 Oct 43

Lt GL Richards promoted A/Captain wef 5 Nov.43

Captain EL Gibbon relinquished temporary rank of Captain and reverted to W/S Lieut wef 7 Nov 43.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

0730 B Echelon moved forward to San Salvo area.

1600 A Echelon moved forward and joined Bttn.

1730 Brigadier visited Bttn.

2 LIR.

0700 Commanding Officers to O Group.

1000 Battalion move by Companies to area 625805 where they embus in TCVs and transported to transit area north of Vasto. Battalion HQ established 580914 at 1200 hrs.

1600 Brigadier at Battalion HQ. Informed us that Castelbordino was occupied by 8 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and 2 Lancashire Fusiliers.

Mobile Bath Unit arrived in Battalion Area and all ranks had the opportunity of having a bath.

Rifleman Patrick Payne, London Irish Rifles.