0700 1 RIrF patrol reported enemy mortar positions 588782, 595798 and MG position 595787 and by mortar position 577819.

0845 Division reported 36 Brigade on outskirts of Vasto and not in contact. 11 Brigade reported on ridge north east of Cupello without opposition and tanks moving to Montedorisio.

1130 1 RIrF location Farm 607822.

1410 Civilians reported 20 enemy and MGs dugs in 576809. Main Brigade HQ closed Convent, Petacciato (712793) and reopened same time San Salvo (607827). Tac HQ remained open at same location.

1600 Patrol 6 Innisks to 583797 searching farms. No enemy seen. Patrol moved south west to ridge but own artillery stopped further progress. Civilians reported enemy on ridge 5779 – 5879 (? OP). Further point reached by patrol pt210 (5782). Road clear to San Salvo. Bridge 578819 mines in neighbourhood.

2000 Tac HQ closed at present location and joined main HQ in San Salvo.

2100 Situation at first light see Sitrep.

1 RIrF.

0600 O Group Orders for move to San Salvo to take up a defensive position.  A and C Coys to guard road bridge – San Salvo from attack from the south.

0800 Battalion moved.

1300 Battalion in position HQ, B, S Coys in San Salvo.  A Coy Pt. 135 -5987.  C Coy Pt, 150 -5979.  D Coy 605830.

Captain JS Clarke rejoined battalion from hospital.

6 Innisks – SAN SALVO.

0815 A mine cleaning section of Bttn pioneers were attacked by 56 Recce Troop.

0830 Patrol of two sections went to area Colle 583797 and found the area to be clear of enemy.

0830 Lt Hamilton and one platoon of C Coy patrolled to pt 210 (5783) and brought back one prisoner from 2 Coy 64 PGR.

C Coy moved forward by night to give local protection to 17 Field Battery RA.

1 RIrF moved into San Salvo and took over B and D Coy positions. B and D Coys moved to new positions north west and west respectively. Bttn returned to be u/c 38 Brigade.

Congratulatory message received from commander, 36 Brigade.

Fusilier Arthur Harrison, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

F Company move from Farm 633788 to 634784 and G Company move from area 628795 to Farm 633788.

Rifleman Ronald Byard, London Irish Rifles.