War Diaries – 2nd November 1943


0500 2 LIR reported quiet night.

0545 6 Innisks observed flashing light during night otherwise NTR.

0630 2 LIR patrol contacted enemy 602805. Reports enemy MGs rd and track junction 612815. Little shelling overnight in bridgehead area.

0715 2 LIR report river diversion passable by new direction. Culvert north of crossing completed.

0900 1 RIrF reported Bttn in position by 0330hrs. Bttn HQ established on track 660767 otherwise NTR.

1140 2 LIR reported they were sending patrol to 598784 tonight but were later ordered not to patrol.

1650 38 Brigade Operation Instruction No 3 issued.

1740 Situation on Brigade front, see Sitrep.

1800 36 Brigade Tac HQ established 657829

2000 1 RIrF reported location 679791.

1 RIrF. 

0900 Battalion recce party.

1600 O Group Orders for move to position astride road 6678 and 6677.  All Battalion transport to move first followed immediately by marching troops.  Order of march for both C, B, D, A, Bn HQ and S. Coy.

1720 Transport moved.

1745 Marching troops moved.

2015 Battalion HQ established 666785.

6 Innisks – MASSA FANALE.

0800 O Group conference at OP Farm. Orders and study of ground for Trigno crossing.

1000 CO, IO and Coy commanders attend conference at 36 Brigade HQ.

1430 IO went off to recce and mark Bttn concentration area.

1500 O Group conference.

1545 Battle platoon went off to meet IO and REs for night task north of River Trigno.

1830 Coy guides shown route to FUP by IO.

1900 Battle platoon shown route and task.

2 LIR.

1900 Commanding Officer called to Brigade HQ. He stopped overnight and temporary command of Battalion fell to Major Gibbs.

Intermittent enemy shelling throughout the day of area Bridge 631795. Some shells fell in E Company’s area 612792 and caused seven casualties, one of them fatal.

1130 Commanding Officer returned from Brigade and resumed command of Battalion.

1400 Orders for attack on San Salvo. 11 Brigade right along the coast to San Salvo station, thence into village. 36 Brigade left along axis of main road. 6 Innisks under command of 36 Brigade 2 LIR to hold bridgehead over River Trigno. 1 RIrF on high ground south of the river covering the road from Montenero. 1 Squadron 56 Recce to area 6177. In support of attack, 5 Regiment Field Artillery 3 Regiments Medium Artillery, 46 RTR. 2 Destroyers to shell Cupella 5586 and Vasto 5890. 36 and 38 Brigades support groups to concentrate in area 6478 and commence diversionary barrage on high ground west of San Salvo in order to mislead the enemy.

2130 Enemy put down concentrated artillery barrage on areas 631795, 632791, 624790.

Corporal Robert Thornton, London Irish Rifles.

Rifleman James Hackett, London Irish Rifles.