Bttns and Division informed that carrier park established across river. Bttns moving to lying up area tonight. 2 LIR 401005, 6 Innisks 403008, 1 RIrF 408017.

Brigade Intelligence Summary issued.

Lieut R Laming RCS Signals Officer 38 Brigade admitted ADS.

Confirmatory Notes Plan Mike (in modification of 38 Brigade OO No 30 dated 18 November) issued.

Confirmatory Notes Plan John (in modification of 38 Brigade OO No 30 dated 18th November) issued.

Admin Instructions issued in conjunction with Confirmatory Notes Plan John (in modification of 38 Brigade OO No 30 dated 18 November) issued.

1515 Brigade informed that subdued side lights area allowed on road Vasto to Casalbordino but not past pt 442004.

1630 Brigade HQ closed Casalbordino and reopened same time Torino 446983.

1745 Last light Sitrep Brigade HQ established Torino 446983.

1800 44 Royal Tanks reported to have 27 tanks across river and 50 Royal Tanks 32.

1815 Brigade Commander and Brigade IO left Brigade HQ to establish Tac HQ in tank at 422996.

2300 Main Brigade HQ informed that IO involved in road accident and returning.

2330 Lieut Chambers LO 38 Brigade appointed acting IO vice Capt JHF Hobbs admitted to ADS.

1 RIrF.

1700 Battalion marched off to lying-up area west of the R. Sangro.  Weather which had been good for 48 hrs broke slightly with some “drizzle”.  No enemy shelling of bridge as Battalion crossed at 434018.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Preparations were begun for Bttn move forward across River Sangro.

1030 CO returned from Brigade HQ and resumed command of the Bttn.

1400 CO called O Group conference.

1430 I section left by MT to recce routes and act as guides to lying up area below the escarpment at C4000. Shaded lamps were set out from H bridge (4199) to the lying up area, but this bridge, which had been weakened by shell fire, collapsed under a tank before the Bttn arrived.

1800 Bttn embussed at 553922 and travelled by MT to “Gun Alley” (433003), where they debussed at 2115hrs, and then proceeded by march route to F bridge.

1930 A message was received by the guide party that the Bttn would cross the river by F bridge at 432020 and arrangements were quickly changed to meet the fresh situation. Rain fell at the time, which quickly made the ground bad.

2 LIR.

Lieutenant JD White MC (immediate)

1400 Intelligence Officer, Intelligence Section and Company Guides moves off by motor transport to recce river crossing and assembly area for Battalion.

B Echelon to move to Casalbordino tomorrow.

1830 Battalion left Casalbordino by RASC transport and debus at Gunners Alley, North of Torino di Sangro/H 4498.

2200 Battalion proceed by march route and cross river by Royal Engineers Bridge 430030 at 2330 hrs.

2200 Barrage goes down on San Maria and Mozzagrogna, supporting 8th Indian Division’s attack.