War Diaries – 26th November 1943


0255 No carriers able to cross River Sangro. Water rising. Division informed.

0500 Sitrep. No crossing Sangro night 25/26 November by carriers, otherwise nothing to report.

Brigade Intelligence Summary issued.

1130 Lt-Col TN Grazebrook DSO, OC 6 Innisks ordered to report to Brigade HQ as soon as possible for conference.

1415 Details of Bttn move received from Division by Q.632.

1430 Staff Captain and representatives from each Bttn recced Bttn positions west of River Sangro.

1500 COs’ conference at Brigade HQ.

1645 38 Brigade ordered by Division to concentrate west of River Sangro night 27/28 November.

1700 Last light sitrep nothing to report.

Conference Brigade HQ attended by Commanders 11, 36, and 38 Brigades, Divisional Commander, AQ and Brigade Major 4 Armoured Brigade and Lt-Col Grazebrook.

1830 Lieut GE Cole LO 38 Brigade conducting carrier crossings tonight.

2145 Brigade Group conference at Brigade HQ.

2150 Lieut Cole reported carriers past start point and some were already over, three had broken down. Crossings going according to plan.

2320 Lieut Cole reported all carriers across except for two from 1 RIrF and two from RA. Division informed.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Training continued. CO takes over command of Brigade.

2 LIR.

Battalion bath at mobile bath unit Casalbordino.

PM 1 East Surreys relieve 5 Northampton over River Sangro.

Warning Order from Brigade for move across River Sangro tomorrow.

Army Commander passes through town, gives 250 cigarettes to RSM for Battalion.

Rifleman Declan Doheny, London Irish Rifles.