War Diaries – 23rd November 1943

Brigade HQ – Casalbordino.

0500 Bttns nothing to report.

Brigade Intelligence summary issued.

Amendment No 4 to 38 (Irish) Brigade Operational Order No 3 dated 18 November issued.

1515 Brigade Group informed that move unlikely before 25 November.

1730 Conference at Brigade HQ attended by Divisional Commander, Brigade Commanders 4 Armoured Brigade and 38 Brigade and G1.

Last light Sitrep nothing to report.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Heavy rain started early in the morning, and preparations were made for move forward.

0900 IO and CO went forward to Brigade HQ and from there.

1030 CO went on with Brigade Commander and Divisional Commander on a recce.

IO recced for concentration area (4299) and route for river crossings of Sangro.

1130 Move forward postponed for 24 hours owing to the state of the ground after the heavy rain.

1530 Move postponed further until 25th.

C and B Coys attend ENSA concert in VASTO.

The following honours and awards were notified-

Periodical Awards – MC to T/Major SJ Bunch.

Mentioned in Dispatches –

Captain E Ferris.

Lieut W McVie.

Lieut M Hodgson.

WO II F Fenwick.

Sgt EPD Lloyd (KIA).

Sgt H Doel.

Fusilier L Love.

Fusilier DE Dilkes.

Fusilier WH Slater.

2/Lieut Wilkie joined the Bttn.

Rain continued until late afternoon.

2 LIR.

0200 Our artillery put down several heavy barrages during night to support 2/60 KRRs and Company of 8 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders moving across River Sangro.

0330 Commanding Officer’s O Group move off from Battalion HQ by jeep for conference at Brigade HQ. Spasmodic heavy showers of rain from 0400 hrs.

2/60 KRRs (4 Armed Brigade), 5 Buffs, 6 RWKs and 8 A&SH (36 Brigade); 2 Lancashire Fusiliers and 5 Northants (11 Brigade) in defensive positions on lower escarpment across River Sangro.

AM Enemy lay down fairly heavy artillery fire from possible 15cm guns in front of Paglieta and along river bed.

4 Armoured Brigade have got 10 tanks across the River Sangro. Most of them find it difficult to move across the very muddy ground.

Report from 8th Indian Division says that elements of 2nd New Zealand Division have taken Perano/H/38.

PM Rain has cleared away.

1900 Commanding Officer’s O Group returns from 38 Brigade conference at Castlebordino.