War Diaries – 22nd November 1943


0500 Bttns nothing to report.

0730 Division traffic control order for Operation Encroach received and issued to Bttns.

Brigade Intelligence Summary issued.

Division directive (O.595 dated 22 November) on air support received.

1700 Last light Sitrep nothing to report.

1855 Division informed Brigade that use of main road west of Casalbordino after dark by vehicles without clock timings must cease. Units likely to be late must inform TCP.

Track running west of Casalbordino to H.5299 is not to be used without Division permission.

1 RIrF.

22 to 26th November:

Approximately one week spent in Torino waiting for weather to clear up.  Projected attack impossible unless ground dried for tanks.  Alternative plan for attack without tanks unfavourable.  Occasional periods of sunshine with more frequent periods of rain.  CO & IO on several recces.  CO at several conferences at Brigade HQ for modification of plans.  Enemy activity negligible – some 105 mm shells dropped in town but majority failed to explode – possibly because they were fired “capped”.  Five FW 190s bombed bridges over the Sangro 433017.

Own artillery (8 Field Regiment & 5 Medium Regiment) consistently shelled Fossacesia 3904, San Maria 3601 & the ridge between them.  High proportion of airbursts could be observed from OP in house 446984.

DAF Bostons & Mitchells regularly bombed targets in Fossacesia, San Maria, & the ridge between them. Lanciano 3202 bombed. Warhawks & Kittihawks dive bombed same areas.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Training was carried out throughout the day.

A Echelon moved forward again to area 4894.

C Coy moved into new billets in area 5691.

Medium bombers and Kittyhawk fighter bombers passed overhead every 15 minutes throughout the day to bomb and strafe the enemy defences north west of the River Sangro.

CO attends conference at Brigade HQ. O Group called on is return and orders issued for move to new lying up area for Operation Encroach on the following day.

2 LIR. 

RAF Mitchell and Kittyhawk bombers bomb and machine gun areas Fossacesia, San Maria and Lanciano throughout the day.