Brigade HQ – 453997.

0420 Sitrep. Locations: Brigade HQ 453997, 6 Innisks 433989, 2 LIR area 44 Royal Tanks.

1 RIrF area 430990 tracked vehicles 4499. A Echlon less 2 LIR area 4499. A Echelon 2 LIR 4593. B Echelon unchanged.

1200 Brigade Intelligence Summary issued.

1325 B Echelon 6 Innisks informed of return of Bttn and to warn any unit occupying Bttn billets to be prepared to move out.

Amendment No 2 to 38 (Irish) Brigade Operational Order No 30 issued 18th Nov issued.

1545 Brigade Group informed that all personnel and carriers left in carrier park at 1800 20 November come under command of Major DT Little, 6 Innisks.

1600 6 Innisks reported they were returning to area Vasto 1630hrs.

Brigade Instructions on Traffic Control issued.

1715 Situation on Brigade front at last light see SitRep

1 RIrF.

0330 Mules arrived with rations.  Continuous rain all day causing an obvious postponement in the big plan.

1700 Consequently at 1700 hrs, the Battalion marched back to Torino where the 2.i.c. had obtained billets for the Battalion.  Four Rifle Coys were crowded perforce into a large school and chapel until adjustment the next day.  Battalion HQ near road bend 447983.

6 Innisks – AREA 4398.

0730 O Group conference in area 429993, overlooking enemy positions. After the conference the CO and IO went forward to river to recce crossings.

1200 Rain had continued up to this time and a warning order was received by the Bttn to move back to its old area near Vasto, the ground being extremely muddy and operations impractical.

1430 O Group moved off to take over billets.

1630 Bttn moved off by route march to embossing point at Villafonsina (471952). The route was extremely muddy and marching was very difficult owing to the bad state of the tracks. Bttn HQ was re-established in the billet occupied prior to the move forward for Operation Encroach.

Coys took over additional farms and all personnel were under cover.

Lieut R Phillips MM rejoined the Bttn.

Fusilier Leslie Young, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

0200 Battalion moved on tanks of 44 RTR and 50 RTR. Intention to reach an assembly area below Paglieta.

0500 Tanks of 50 RTR unable to move up slope of R Osento owing to mud (continual rain from 0600-1200).

(Draft 9 other ranks from x (iv) 20/11/43.)

(Undermentioned were Mentioned in Despatches for African Campaign:

226616 Lieutenant TWH Wilson.

216839 Lieutenant and Quartermaster D Aitkenhead.

7008967 Sergeant E Bird.

7014676 L/Cpl A North.

7014630 Rifleman B Mawdsley.

1300 Commanding Officer’s recce group move off to new area.

1400 Battalion move off by Companies to new area. The march was exhausting owing to mud and steep hills.

1800 Battalion established in area Scatozzo about 1 mile south of Paglieta. Battalion HQ 413944.