War Diaries – 1st November 1943


0535 2 LIR reported all quiet.

0545 6 Innisks reported occasional bursts of MG fire and flares west of R Trigno during night.

0710 2 LIR to investigate new (?) diggings 300 yards in front of own positions found five – seven pits all unoccupied.

1700 Sitrep and patrol results.

1 RIrF.

1500 Battalion ordered to move.  Recce Party. 36 Brigade were to attack San Salvo tomorrow and the intention was for the Battalion to go to an assembly area tonight before taking up a position protecting the left flank of the attack.

2330 Battalion moved to its old position in 6677.

6 Innisks – MASSA FANALE.

Bttn resting – cleaning weapons etc and making general preparations for battle.

Lt-Col Grazebrook took over command of the Bttn (returned from A/Brigadier)

1700 O Group conference on general plan for crossing River Trigno

2 LIR.

Intermittent enemy shelling throughout the day of area Bridge 631795.