Brigade HQ – 558913.

0315 Bttns informed that details of Encroach will not be passed to officers until D -1.

0500 Bttns nothing to report.

Bttns ordered to send carriers to carrier park independently and not with tanks and not before 1600hrs 19 November.

Warning order to 6 Innisks and 1 RIrF re marching personnel to be prepared to move on TCVs morning 19 November. Embossing point own location.

Debussing point 458942.

Brigade ordered two MMGs plus D Squadron Group under command 1 RIrF for move reporting 1530hrs.

1000 Brigade order reference marching troops issued.

1015 Division informed Brigade of bomb line from first light D – 1: 420053 – 370000, first light D Day not south of 07 northing and not west of 36 Easting. After capture of Fosscesia not south of 10 Northing.

1020 Division informed that ASC tentacle coming to Brigade area 4599 on D-1.

1200 Brigade Intelligence summary issued.

1315 6 Innisks and 1 RIrF informed by Brigade that no marching troops will proceed forward of debussing areas before 1700hrs. Order of march as for TCVs. 36 Brigade informed 38 Brigade that R. Sangro crossing on night 18/19 Nov as follows: 396979 two feet deep, current fast; 399981 two feet deep current fast;416992 three feet deep current fast; 419999 three feet deep; 430020 three feet six inches deep and difficult.

1500 Brigade order for move issued.

Amendment No 1 to 38 (Irish) Brigade Operation Order No 30 dated 18 November issued.

Personal message from Army Commander received.

1730 Last light sitrep nothing to report.

2145 Brigade HQ closed present location and reopened 453997.

1 RIrF.

 1430 Battalion marching personnel moved off (embussed), arrived road junction 459942 at 1630 hrs.

1630 Thence by march route through Torino di Sangro to reverse slope of ridge dominating the R. Sangro.

Heavy rain. No cover for men except for one blanket.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Preparations for battle completed.

1315 A Group moved off to lying up area 433989 and one mule party left for mule pt 4599.

1530 Marching personnel, with 2 sections of 152 Field Ambulance, moved off by MT to debussing point at Villafonsina (471952).

1600 A Echelon transport moved off to area 487946.

1700 Marching personnel left debussing point and went by march route to lying up area 4398.

1930 Bttn arrived at lying up area and Bttn HQ was established at 433989, in a barn loft.

2000 Rain started, and coys, which were in the open, endeavoured to find cover, the majority of troops were found cover of some sort.

F Echelon moved off to area 4499.

2100 Blankets were brought to the Bttn by transport, but rations and water were brought up by mule during the night.

Steady rainfall continued throughout the night.

Lieut R Blyth joined the Bttn.

2 LIR.

0730 Commanding Officer’s Group. To forward observation post to view ground over River Sangro.

1000 Commanding Officer’s Group assemble at ‘Cloth Model’ (44 RTR) for conference.

1500 Battalion HQ moved from area 452929 to 44 RTR HQ and were allotted tanks.