Brigade HQ – 558913.

0500 Bttns nothing to report. Brigade Intelligence Summary issued.

Personal message from General Dwight D Eisenhower, dated 8 Nov 1943 received.

Brigade IO recced proposed Brigade assembly area.

1645 Brigade sitrep nothing to report. Defence plan for Brigade HQ issued.

1 RIrF.

 Training and field firing.

6 Innisks – VASTO.

Training continued on Field Firing Ranges.

Parties from each coy went to ENSA show at Vasto in afternoon and evening.

Pioneer Platoon received orders for repair of track running north to main Vasto to Pescara road. Track to be made suitable to carry supply vehicles.

3 printed Xmas airgraphs and free airmail letters issued.

2 LIR.

Route marches under Company arrangements.

H Company under direction of Intelligence Section practice river crossing in daylight.