26th May


Remainder of 2 LIR move to area around Ossiach See.

Brigade Location Statement.

2 Innisks: Bttn HQ/All Coys – Medjez Barracks Vilalch 870807.

2 LIR: Bttn HQ – 925854, E Coy – St Urban 974871, F Coy – Dodensdorf – 978888, G Coy – Ossiach 978873, H Coy – 939859, S Coy – 985884.

1 RIrF: Bttn HQ – Latschach 942739, A Coy – Arnoldstein with platoons at 809704 728721 858746.

B Coy – Mallestig 902745, C Coy – Faak 926752, D Coy – 919762, S Coy – 919762.

1500 Brigade Commander visits Frontier Posts at Wurzner Pass and Thorl. 2 Innisks warned to move to Hermagor area tomorrow.

1 RIrF  – LATSCHACK 9474.

Investigated 50 Diesel-Electric Locomotives at 9874 and made report to brigade. Checked with AMG on the appearance of Austrian Police recruits in bttn area.


0915 The CO and IO left Villach to attend a conference at 36 Brigade HQ at Ober Drauberg.

1030 Advance party left Villach under command of Captain Campbell.

At the 36 Brigade Conference, the plan was outlined. The brigade was to move the 30,000 Cossacks and Caucasians to Russian occupied territories by train. As these people strongly objected to being returned, it was anticipated that there might be some trouble. Therefore, all officers were to be collected together first and, after they had removed the remainder, would be entrained and despatched to Judenburg.

1700 The bttn started arriving and coys went straight to allotted area, having received orders for this by DR. Bttn HQ and A Coy to Winklern 1409, B Coy to Unt Nuisdorf  0805, C Coy to Dolsach 1104 and D Coy to Lavant 1101.

1800 The Commanding Officer called an O Group conference at Bttn HQ, where he passed on information concerning the situation and gave Coy Commanders their tasks. All were to prevent movement of the Cossacks from the Drava valley by establishing Road Blocks and by patrolling the tracks and passes leading from the valley.

2 LIR.

1000 Bttn HQ and remaining two coys began their move to new area.

1400 2 NCOs and 6 ORs from H Coy took over road post at 904816 from 2 Innisks.

Bttn locations now as follows: Bttn HQ in Villa Koch, Annenheim 924853; E Coy – St Urban 974872; F Coy – 978888; G Coy – Ossiach 987873; H Coy – 939859; S Coy – 985884.

1700 G Coy ordered to move to Murau, 32 miles north east of the Ossiacher See, in order to help with the evacuation of 25,000 Cossack troops (who had been fighting as allies of Germany) to the Russian lines. The Cossacks were definitely not enthusiastic over being handed to the Red Army and consequently G Coy was to be sent up early tomorrow to aid the existing forces.

1800 Bttn boundaries – end of the Ossiacher See to the west, to Steindorf factory to the east.

27th May


Four coys and skeleton Bttn HQ 2 Innisks move to Lienz and go under command 36 Brigade.

2 LIR warned they may also be required for same task.

1200 Bttn HQ 1 RIrF moves to Egg Am See 949771.

D Coy 1 RIrF moves to Latschach 942741.

1 RIrF – EGG AM SEE 9577.

Bttn HQ and HQ Coy move to Egg Am See. After with great difficulty having moved the Corps Engineers out of our billets. D Coy moved into Latschack, further relieving the congestion in S Coy’s Hut Camp.

S Coy provided a 20 man Guard of Honour under Lt Baycock, which paraded with the Pipe Band to provide the ceremonial and music as the Corps Commander entertained a Russian Corps Commander to lunch.

2 Innisks – WINKLERN.

0900 The IO passed information on to the personnel at Bttn HQ and then went round the Corps. A Curfew was put into force in Winklern. Four members of the Bttn Band played in the square.

2 LIR.

0700 Fresh orders for G Coy sent them to St Michael in the 36 Brigade area.

1000 Situation: Bttn’s responsibility is to clear the area of all unwanted personnel – PoWs, displaced civilians etc. All Austrian soldiers resident in the area to be vetted and passes issued to them to stay on their farms as long as they carried on with their work.

28th May


Normal road post activity.

Orders issued by 78 Division that all civilians and captured enemy cars and lorries will be concentrated in a central Brigade Park.

Based on the numbers declared in the Corps, so will the distribution of those cars be evolved. At the present moment, the future distribution is likely to be two per Brigade HQ and three per bttn. These cars will be issued with licences and any others found on the main highways will be impounded.

1 RIrF – EGG AM SEE 9572.

Coy patrols enforce civil curfews and round up PoWs and surrendered personnel.

2 Innisks – WINKLERN.

0900 The CO paid a visit to all coys.

1730 A Coy went on patrol. Instructions were received from AMGOT re civil traffic. The removal of the Cossack officers was carried out. As we had been warned that this was the crucial point in the whole operation, everybody was more than usually vigilant. However, that part went well and there was no need for any action on our part.

2 LIR.

Normal road post checking of civilians and evacuation of unwanted personnel.

29th May


Normal road post activity.

Searching of unit area continues and a steady stream of German PoWs, surrendered personnel, arrestable Nazis and displaced civilians are brought in by all battalions.

1 RIrF – EGG AM SEE 9572.

Civilian population in a flap as continued rounding up Nazis, PoWs and surrendered personnel. They are streaming in to have their identity cards ok-ed, which gives an excellent opportunity to pick up some of the ones we want.

2 Innisks – WINKLERN.

The leading of trains with Cossack personnel was due to start today but this was put back to the 31st. It was during this time lag that the first signs of dissent among the Cossacks began to appear. Signs were put up reading “We prefer death rather return to Soviet Russia” and a Medical Officer at Nuisdorf Hospital informed the Coy Commander there that most of the people intended to commit suicide.

2 LIR.

1200 Sitrep: Jeep patrol to areas 14 and 15 (Unterlieger 5194 and Winklern 9494) brought in 8 soldiers and Lt of Flak and also an absentee from the 2 LF (11 Brigade).

30th May


Normal road post activity. Searching of unit area continues.

The following is a list of check posts and guards. 2 LIR posted new posts after taking over the responsibility of their area and 1 RIrF relieved 2 Innisks of some of their posts.

2 Innisks – 875804, 893810, 882812, 880814, 872803, 864788.

2 LIR – 904816, 899839, 908849, 942852, 980877, 990871.

1 RIrF – 809698, 782730, 728717, 903790, 890779, 879757, 877756, 927752, 855755.

1 RIrF – EGG AM SEE 9572.

Civilian report centre doing a roaring trade. FSS release one suspected Gestapo and one Nazi. PoW released personnel also rather confusing the situation.

2 Innisks – WINKLERN.

An Information Centre was opened up by the ‘I’ Section.

A fire started in B Coy’s HQ at Nuisdorf which, at first, was believed to have been caused by Cossack action, although later this was doubted. Movement from one camp to another was increasing and one of the few officers left, tried to enter the Lavant Camp and was turned back, after trying to force his way past our sentries. He was threatened with a bayonet and he then tried to take out his pistol. His horse and pistol were taken from him and he was sent back to his own camp on foot.

The coy at Lavant were finding that there was also an increasing tendency for Cossacks to go to the area of a Schloss in the hills south of Lavant.

1800 The Regimental Pipes and Drum Band played Retreat, to which the Brigade Commander of 36 Brigade had been invited.

2 LIR.

During the day, the first Austrian soldiers with discharges from US Army camps began to arrive in the bttn area. As no ruling had been received regarding these discharges, the soldiers were treated as Surrendered Personnel.

Local residents supplied the bttn with names and addresses of prominent Nazis, but as yet no concrete evidence was given.

1800 Sitrep: 10 surrendered personnel evacuated to St Andra and 3 displaced civilians to Villach.

31st May


Normal road post activity. Searching of areas continues.

1 RIrF – EGG AM SEE 9572.

Partisans providing information on suspected Party and SS personnel

2 Innisks – WINKLERN.

Patrol activity was intensified. The Cossacks were loaded into trains by other units in the Drava Valley and considerable difficulty was reported and notice received that we meet be prepared to give assistance on June 1st.

2 LIR.

1200 Sitrep: PoWs evacuated during the day included one SS Major (formerly a Guard Commandant at Dachau), one SS Police Regiment OR and one agent, who claimed he was working for the Allies. A diesel oil dump in a semi buried concrete shelter was discovered on night 30/31 at H Coy’s road post, Ruprecht 899839.