1st May

Brigade HQ – TAMARA 2489.

Brigade rests. Day leave parties to Ferrara continues. The link up of 2 NZ Division with Marshal Tito’s forces was announced today. The link up took place at Monfalcone not far from Trieste.

1 RIrF – 218938.

Nothing to Report.

2 Innisks – ZOCCA.

Another exceedingly quiet day. A Gymkhana was held by the 78th Division and the bttn put in a few entries. The Brigade Band played on the course and the day was a complete success.

2000 A Mobile Cinema visited the bttn. One Polish deserter came in during the evening.


0800 Bttn still in La Pavonara area on the banks of the River Po.

Bttn HQ in farm 163906.

0830 Recce u/c Captain RJ Cockburn moved back to B Echelon area to recce new billets for the bttn at Tamara.

1430 Bttn commences move back to new area.

1600 Bttn locations now as follows; Bttn HQ – 247900, E Coy – 273869, F Coy – 270876, G Coy – 253887, H Coy – Tamara village 243896 and S Coy – 268887.

2nd May

Brigade HQ – TAMARA 2489.

1000 Brigade Commander and DAA and QMG attended ‘Q’ Conference at HQ 11 Brigade. Main points brought out by Divisional Commander were future moves, question of disposing of enemy transport, petrol rationing for a short period in the future (due to length of pipe lines), horses to be kept by bttns and Brigade HQs and various administrative and welfare details.

Brigade Commander visits a paddock after the conference to choose some more horses.

Brigade Commander visits Bologna and old battlefields at San Clemente and Monte Grande in the afternoon.

1600 The Armistice and surrender of the German Armies in Italy and South Austria was announced this afternoon on the wireless. This was the cause of a number of impromptu celebrations by most units in the area.

2 Innisks – ZOCCA.

1000 A day of little activity, a German PoW was discovered in hiding and was sent to Brigade PoW Camp.

1640 An Order of the Day by Field Marshal Alexander announcing the Unconditional Surrender for all German forces in Italy.

1945 Most of the bttn made their way to some wireless or other and listened to the broadcast of Mr Churchill’s statement to the House confirming Unconditional Surrender. Shortly after, numerous flares and belts of tracer ammunition lit up the sky. This was the means employed by the troops in the area south of the Po to celebrate their victory. The sound of bursts of Spandaus and exploding of enemy grenades seemed to make a reincarnation of many nights gone by and the thoughts of many Inniskillings turned back to 1942 to the beaches of Madagascar and the Plains of Medjez-el-Bab.


0730 25 men from each rifle coy report with all available axes to the 256 Field Coy RE at road junction 225968 for road maintenance and bridge work.

1700 News – All German forces in Italy and Western Austria capitulate to the 15th Army Group

3rd May

Brigade HQ – TAMARA 2489.

0900 Brigade Group warned to move. Recce parties to be at one hours’ notice and advance parties at two hours’ notice from 1100 hours.

1200 Move orders cancelled. Advance parties probably go tomorrow and main body not before 5 May.

1 RIrF – 218938.

CO spoke to the bttn congratulating them on their recent performance and accomplishments and giving a preview of our future role in Austria.

2 Innisks – ZOCCA.

An exceedingly quiet day. The bttn was at 4hrs’ notice move.


0800 Bttn advance party warned to be at 1 hour notice from 1000 hrs for purpose of moving to Udine area.

1500 Advance party move postponed to the following day.

4th May

Brigade HQ – TAMARA 2489.

0800 Brigade Group warned to move to concentration area Fordenone 9608. Advance parties left in the morning to recce areas. Brigade Commander left to visit Venice on way to new concentration area.

1 RIrF – 218938.

0900 Advance party to Divisional Concentration area 9608.

Bttn Move Order No 16.

2 Innisks – ZOCCA.

0700 The advance party left for the new area. Most of the day was spent cleaning up and preparing to move across the Lombardy Plains.


0600 Advance party move off.

0900 RSM’s talk to WOs and Sgts on discipline and probable bttn future moves.

0915 QM and staff prepare a Victory Festival for bttn to take place in the evening.

1030 RC Thanksgiving Service in Tamara Church.

1100 CE Thanksgiving Service at Bttn HQ.

1800 Victory Celebration at Bttn HQ. CO gave a sort speech to bttn and then ignited a 15 feet high bonfire of logs. Rum punch, vino, sandwiches and cakes and calf roasted whole were provided for all ranks. An effigy of Hitler, escorted by pipers playing the slow march was brought to fire and duly burned.

2030 News – All German forces in NW Germany, Holland, Denmark, Heligoland and the Frisian Isles surrender to Field Marshal Montgomery’s 21st Army Group.

5th May

Brigade HQ – TAMARA 2489.

Brigade Group prepares to move. 38 Brigade Move Instruction No 4 issued.

Brigade Group to move as follows:

2 Innisks – 1520.

Brigade HQ – 1800.

1 RIrF – 1900.

2 LIR – 2040.

Brigade Carriers – 2220.

LAD – 2359.

1520 Brigade Group commences to move.

1 RIrF – 218938.

Bttn moved as per Movement Order 16. Bad traffic jam as far as Adige River. 11 Brigade provided billets in staging area at Treviso.

2 Innisks – ZOCCA.

1530 The bttn em-bused and left the area of Zocca, owing to the large number of bridges destroyed by the enemy, the journey was very tiresome. After 7 hrs, we had only covered 14 miles but once across the bridge over the Adige, the roads were clear and we made our way at a more normal speed.

2 LIR – Italy.

0800 Bttn prepare for move to Udine.

2000 Bttn move off.