War Diaries – 7th May 1943

Brigade HQ.

0500 2 LIR patrols had nothing to report.

0545 1 RIrF standing patrols had nothing to report but there were signs of activity in wadi on Brigade front.

0620 Sitrep sent to 78 Division. Sings of enemy occupation had been heard during the night.

0935 56 Recce Regiment reported that a motor cyclist had come from Peter’s Corner (7032) to Delaney’s Cross (7022) and had seen no sign of the enemy. There were mines on the road at 704230.

1030 78 Division ordered Squadron 56 Recce Regiment, under command the Brigade, to revert to the Regiment and detailed Brigade to find party to clear minefield at 704230 (214 Field Regiment RE were warned and 2 Hamps provided a covering party.)

Brigade followed the progress of the battle and was held in readiness to move forward. The role was not yet definable.

1 RIrF.

Attack reported going favourably. Nothing could be seen of it from our positions owing to the duct in the Medjez valley caused by the streams of transport which were going down the Medjez valley all day.

1930 Elements of 7 Armoured Division in Tunis.


0200 – 0700 Heavy rain, making the place very muddy. Some difficulty in moving transport except on main roads, especially motor cycles.

1800 A Coy takes over from Polforce.

News that forward Allied elements have reached Tunis.

2 LIR.

Situation reports of general advance brought in during the day. Information good. 1 Armoured Division push to Ain El Asker. 56 Recce Regiment make contact between 6th and 1st Armoured Divisions.

1800 British troops reported to have entered Tunis. Confirmed that US troops are in Bizerta. Battalion ordered to prepare to move by 0800 hours 8/5/43.