Brigade HQ.

A trace of positions of own troops was issued to all concerned.

NIH less two squadrons moved to 642274.

78 Division Operation Instruction No 27 was received. Information of the coming attack was given and the intention expressed “to hold the firm base and protect the flank of 4 Division.”

1600 Sitrep was sent to 78 Division. Day OPs 56 Recce Regiment had observed digging and signs of enemy occupation on Brigade front.

1935 Information was received from Division that transport to lift three Bttns would arrive am 6 May in unit areas. Brigade was to be prepared to move at short notice from the arrival of transport.

A letter quoting examples of bad W/T security was received from 78 Division.

1 RIrF.

No change in Bttn positions. A quiet day spent resting and cleaning after several weeks in the mountains.


1200-1330 A few enemy shells in Bttn area. No damage or casualties.

1530 O Group to give details of move to relieve RWK.

1815 Leading Coy left the gully. The new area with Bttn HQ in Crully 676352 is not far so the personnel carried their kit. A Coy remains in its former position. B Coy pt 144. C Coy reverse slopes of 688357. A/Tk guns spaced between C Coy and RR 683354. Their rear positions are unprotected by SA.

The role of the Bttn is to form part of a line protecting units concentrating in Medjez area.

Steady wind made the day very dusty. The new position is away from the road and grass covered so will not be affected.

2 LIR.

1200 Information – Objective Tunis: 36 Brigade and 11 Brigade to take Point 141 (7338) and Point 123 (7335) respectively at 1700 hours. At 0300 hours 6/5/43, 4 Division Right of Medjez-Tunis road and 4 Indian Division on left. On reaching features Point 157 (7542) and Djebel Frendj the 6th and 7th Armoured Division will advance to Massicault. US 1 Armoured Division to Tebourba and 1 Armoured Division to push east from Sebcret El Kourzia area.

Captain Neely appointed Adjutant vice Captain TWH Wilson to be 2-in-c G Company.