Brigade HQ – Medjez.

Patrols 2 LIR had nothing to report.

0330 1 RIrF reported in new location 6428.

0500 6 Innisks reached new location under command 36 Brigade.

0515 Brigade HQ arrived in new location 637278. 2 LIR were established at 647294.

0845 Brigade Commander visited 1 RIrF and 2 LIR.

Representatives of 256 Battery 64 A/Tk Regiment called at Command Post.

Copy of 5 Corps I/9 dated 3 May and 9 Corps Operation Instruction No 7 were received.

A trace of minefields in 78 Division area was issued to all concerned.

1915 A Squadron, 56 Recce Regiment reported desultory shelling in area of OPs and MG fire area 730240.

The Brigade was disposed as shown on trace in Appendix.

2/4 Hamps moved under command the Brigade to area Fort MacGregor 6526.

Night recce patrols on the Brigade front had nothing to report.

1 RIrF.

A quiet day. Role in new area was to form a back stop for the impending advance. 78 Division were to form the back stop and the Irish Brigade less 6 Innisks were on the extreme right flank. The Bttn position was out of shell range


Bttn arrived at pt 68 (6735) at 0545hrs and came into Brigade reserve with a counter attack role, supported by 48 Bttn RTR. A Coy with under command 2 A/Tk guns and 2 MMGs took up a forward position on pt 151 (6836) with the role of immediate counter attack onto any of the three forward Bttn positions. This feature had previously been occupied by 6 RWK, who now moved forward to take over position of a Bttn from 4 Division. The Bttn dug in a shallow gully with a flowing stream, which added to the comfort of Bttn during a very hot, dusty day. Recces for the c/a roles of the Bttn were carried out. K/D shorts and hose tops were issued. All transport, other than carriers and A/Tk portees, were sent back to a Brigade A Echelon transport area. The Bttn has now been on a mule borne basis for a month and for the past fortnight has been fighting continuously on steep mountainous country with the minimum comfort and no blankets or greatcoats, on compo rations. The return to the plains, in spite of the heat and dust is a welcome relief to all ranks.

2 LIR.

2000 F & G Companies send out fighting patrols each one platoon strong. Patrol from F Company to establish base in wadi in Sidi Bou Dib and make contact by sending out small patrols. No contact made. Patrol from G Company to recce and make contact with enemy in area wadi 6728. This patrol failed to reach its objective and made no contact with the enemy.