Forward Bttns reported no contact and no movement seen. US troops also reported lost contact but sending patrols to regain touch. 6 Innisks reported pt 443 clear and brought in 2 stragglers of 1/756 Mountain Regiment.

Section 1 RIrF occupied pt 443 and1 RIrF also patrolled forward of pt 416 without contact. Further progress was impossible owing to own shelling on pt 452.Platoon 1 RIrF occupied pt 416 and one straggler of 4/756 Mountain Regiment was picked up. Subsequently 2 coys 1 / 4 Hamps pushed forward to limited objectives with mule transport.

0830 Recce parties consisting of COs and officers of relieving Bttns (2 and 3 / 7 RTA) were brought from Toukabeur to Command Post.

1820 Information received from Division that deserter 5/756 Mountain Regiment stated that enemy troops had withdrawn 6kms night 2/3 May.

‘Order for move night 3/4 May’ and Brigade Admin Order No 5 was issued.

78 Division Admin Order No 20 was received expressing the intention “To maintain 78 Division and troops under command and clear all routes in divisional area for 9 Corps.”

2120 Marching personnel left HQ Brigade for Kelbine and embossed in TCVs.

2330 Brigade HQ left Tanngoucha area.

1 RIrF.

Orders for relief by the French tonight. Some difficulty handing over to the French owing to the shortage of French speakers in the Bttn. Full details of the move in the Appendix.


Brigade is handing over present positions to 46 Division and French Infantry units tonight and Bttn is to come under command 36 Infantry Brigade for a short period.  Bttn R Group recced new positions east of Medjez-el-Bab. Bttn A Group came out later. During the day, it was discovered the Germans had withdrawn during the night on the Brigade front, probably owing to the recent American advance towards Mateur. C Coy moved forward along the ridge, but failed to make contact.

Hand over to the 2 RTA (French) was complete by 2130hrs and the Bttn marched to Kelbine and embussed in TCVs. Essential transport had been brought up from B Echelon. 

2 LIR.

0030 Head of column arrives Debussing Point.

0430 Battalion in position Battalion HQ established 645293, E Company Point 205 (6529). F Company 646295 G Company 653297, H Company 652293.

Information Enemy in positions Sidi Abdullah 7232, Cactus Farm 723327, Area of Reservoir and Point 133 (7233). These were the positions the enemy had counter-attacked and held on 30/4/43.

Own tps – established – 11 Brigade area Sidi Hediene (7031) and Peters Corner. 36 Brigade with under command 6 Innisks in position exclusive and North of Zradune Farm 686352.

38 Brigade with under command 2 Hants and A Squadron Northern Irish Horse in counter attack role on other two Brigade fronts. Patrol from E Company to recce wadi and Tk June (6727). No contact made. Patrol from H Company to recce Sidi Bou Dib (6725). No contact made. Lieutenant G E Cole and Lieutenant H D W Seymour attached to 38 (Irish) Brigade.