War Diaries – 1st May 1943


0600 Reported quiet night.

1200 6 Innisks reported approximately one coy enemy north of pt 416, around pt 443 and Si Ameur carrying articles. 1 RIrF were ordered to engage the target with mortar fire while 6 Innisks observed.

1930 Brigade Commander’s conference was held at Brigade HQ.

2.i.c. 1/4  Hamps visited Brigade HQ re relief of 2 LIR. Brigade Commander and IO visited Heidous.

2230 Recce patrol of 6 Innisks found pt 443 OP unoccupied but observed enemy mortar and 12 men going into position below. Our mortars and US artillery then engaged this position.

1/4 Hamps arrived in area Tanngoucha 5645.

1 RIrF.

A quiet day. The Bttn was warned in the evening of a possible counter attack by the enemy. A few changes were made in the Bttn’s position, and Bttn HQ moved back about 200 yards behind a ridge. CO went on a recce.

Company Sergeant Major Frederick Fincham, Royal Irish Fusiliers.


No contact was made with the enemy by our night patrols but they were fired on by MGs. A strong wind blew all day causing considerable dust. A rock spring fit for drinking purposes exists close to Bttn HQ. Road head has now been advanced to Heidous and a single echelon of mules as taken the place of the double echelon previously carried.

Rations and water now arrive in the Bttn area in daylight, which adds to the comfort of the Bttn. A second draft of 89 ORs, mostly from the Welch Regiment joined the Bttn tonight. The A/Tk and Carrier platoons of S Coy have been reformed and A, B, and C Coys have been reorganised back to the normal three platoon organisation. The strength of these Coys is approximately 110 each. It is not yet possible to reconstitute D Coy owing to shortage of officers and ORs.

2 LIR.

Battalion to be prepared to move to area south east of Medjez. 78 Division moving into 5 Corps Reserve.