Brigade HQ

Bttns and Brigade HQs moved to new Brigade concentration area Maxula Rades (K1653) – Bordj (K1845).

1000 Brigade Commander attended a conference at Divisional HQ. Operational requirements, dress, training and reorganisation were discussed.

1530 Brigade HQ moved from old location to Bordj (193518).

Special Order of the Day by General Eisenhower and General Alexander was received.


0615 Recce parties return to new area 1551.

1500 Bttn transport moves to new area.

1600 Marching personnel move.

1630 LO goes to tea at Division.

1800 Bttn reported in new area. D Company still dealing with prisoners on Tunis race course.

Captain Hanna rejoins Bttn.

Corporal William Stewart, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Lieutenant Michael O’Gorman, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – SOUTH OF TUNIS.

0200 Bttn marched to the Batterie K159522. Bttn HQ is in the buildings of a defence works, which are in a filthy condition. The coy lines and messes are among the olive groves around the hill. The water and electric light systems have been broken by the enemy.

0830 Recce Group left for Maxula Reges.

2 LIR.

0900 Recce group move off to new area. Changed to area Maxula Rades and not St Germain.

1530 Battalion established in position, having moved to new area Battalion HQ in Olive Grove 152612. E Company 152521 G Company remain in Tunis – duties as before. H Company 148517. Brigade established at Bordj 193518, 6 Innisks 159522, 1 R Ir Fus 153512.

Captain Maurice Thornton, Royal Fusiliers attached to London Irish Rifles.