Brigade HQ

0820 Information received from 78 Division that 30,000 PoWs were expected that day, Bttns had to provide transport and escort.

1610 Sitrep was sent to 78 Division.

2010 78 Division issued instructions to report locations of enemy food or clothing dumps.


Patrol programme was cancelled. Companies engaged in marshalling prisoners from Cap Bon. Received orders for local move tomorrow.

6 Innisks – SOUTH OF TUNIS.

Cessation of hostilities in North Africa. Everybody relieved. All day, a stream of lorries mostly enemy type have passed, laden with PoWs coming from Cap Bon direction. Virtually unescorted and mostly driven by Germans.

Captain Kerr sent to hospital. He has been ill for 3 days.

2 LIR.

During the past three days over 80 prisoners, Italian and German, including Italian civilians brought over to this country by the Italian army have been apprehended by the battalion or passed through our hands.

All the roads have been blocked by constant stream of prisoners passing through in transport.

Warning Order – 38 Brigade will move to area St Germain on 13/5/43. General Von Arnim reported by Indian troops in the Cap Bon area. All organised resistance ended at 2000 hours. !35,000 prisoners accounted so far. (Final total of prisoners 230,000).