Brigade HQ.

1200 1 RIrF were ordered to investigate Italian PoWs said to be in the area Hammam Lif (K 2249).

Bttns were ordered to continue with mobile patrols as on 10 May.

During the day, 4 enemy (3 of 47 IR) were picked up in area K 0950.

5 Corps Intelligence Summary was forwarded to troops under command.

2030 Information received (and passed to Bttns) of suspected delay igniter booby traps.

Letter was sent to Bttns detailing certain guards and duties in Tunis area.

Quiet night – nothing to report.


A quiet day.

1330 Patrols of 1 officer and 2 sections in transport were sent out by companies to the following places. A Company Inegrine, B Company Inaxula, C Company Hamman Lif and D Company St Germain.

1830 Patrols returned. A, B, and C Coys with nothing to report. D Coy brought in two suspect Italians and report having seen large quantities of German stores and equipment in several French houses.

6 Innisks – SOUTH OF TUNIS.

1000 Fusilier Harkness – a PoW released by the fall of Tunis – returns.

1500 Part of the Italian ammo dump set on fire by the Pioneer platoon looking for wooded boxes. Two fusiliers injured. The shells kept exploding all day. Large pieces of shrapnel flew about. The MO’s tent and the Padre’s suitcase were pierced.

Passes to Tunis allowed but limited to 15%.

2000 The Brigadier dined with HQ.

2 LIR.

1500 Patrol from E Company goes to area South of Lac de Tunis. Eight Italian prisoners dressed in civilian clothes were apprehended.