War Diaries – 10th May 1943

Brigade HQ.

A summary of information giving an account of progress in the Cap Bon peninsula was issued to troops under command.

During the day, a patrol of 1 RIrF at St Germain (K 2051) combed the area for enemy stragglers and brought in a man in civilian clothes, devoid of identification papers, who was sent to S Force HQ.

1015 Orders for mobile patrols in areas south of Tunis shown on attached trace were sent to Bttns. The object was to search for enemy still at large. These patrols had nothing to report and found the population friendly.

1325 Information collected by 2 LIR concerning civilian population was circulated to Bttns.

1 RIrF.

Ten percent of the Bttn allowed in Tunis. Nothing unusual to report. A quiet day.

6 Innisks – SOUTH OF TUNIS.

0900 4 Germans walked onto Bttn HQ to give themselves up. They came from Sedjoumi 0250. (1 flak, 3 infantry).

1700 C Coy sent guard to Sedjoumi to take over medical stores abandoned by the enemy. The party returned, as the RAMC had had conflicting orders.

The bread ration has been reduced by a third due to vast number of PoWs taken.

2 LIR.

1400 Battalion sent out patrols (1 Officer and 10 in 15 cwt trucks) from each company to round up any enemy in the area. None were found.