6th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 Innisks – practice river crossings in assault boats and bridging exercises of River Montone, north of Forli.

2 LIR – carry out full scale River Crossing Exercise over River Montone.

1 RIrF – carry out Street Fighting Exercise at Calisese M 6402.

Brigade Commander visits training area during the day.

Brigadier A Low (RIrF) visits the Brigade Commander before leaving for Rome.

GOC visits Brigade Commander at 1800 hrs, having been on a recce of 56 Division dispositions during the day. One or two points concerning the relief were checked up.

Brigade HQ held an all ranks’ dance in the evening.

Major Bryant (Glosters) posted to 2 LIR and take over Acting 2nd in Command.


Exercise Bologna.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

Exercise Po was carried out by the bttn.

0945 Coys in Assembly area.

1000 O Group.

1032 A Coy move to Flank positions.

1102 A Coy reports in position.

1113 B and C Coys moving to FUP.

1124 B and C Coys in position FUP.

1132 B and C Coys assaulting.

1137 C Coy across the river and in position 397228.

1138 Two footbridges across.

1150 B Coy across and moving forward. Tac HQ also moving forward.

1200 C Coy in position at 387226 and Tac HQ at 395226.

1205 B Coy in position at 392230.

1211 A Coy HQ moving to La Bosca.

1222 A/Tk guns across the river.

1228 A Coy HQ established as La Bosca.

1245 Tac HQ moving forward.

1246 Exercise ends. Coys at 396224.

The following points were learned from the exercise, the following instructions must be carried out by the Beahcmaster.

  1. Crossings to be marked for the type of bridge to be used.
  2. Crossings to be given Code names or type of bridge named.
  3. A responsible NCO to be at each crossing in touch by line to the Beachmaster.
  4. Routes to crossings should be taped at night.
  5. Beachmaster in touch at all times by phone and constant information passed by Beachmaster to CO Infantry on boats or bridges or type of traffic and availability of crossing.

Major GRP Findlater taken on strength of the Bttn and becomes 2/i/c.


0730 Coys proceeded by transport to general area for Exercise Po. Major Davies, E Coy Commander, Action CO for the Exercise and Major Stewart acting as Brigade Commander.

7th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 Innisks carry out full scale River Crossing Exercise over River Montone.

2 LIR  – Individual training and games.

1 RIrF carry out Night Attack Exercise commencing 1800 hrs.

1900 Brigade Commander, G III and IO visit 169 Brigade HQ to recce areas and obtain full details of relief of 169 Brigade on night 10/11 March.

Brigade Group will consist of:

Under Command – 2 Innisks, 2 LIR, 1 RIrF, 56 Recce, D Support Group (1 Kensingtons), 254 A/Tk Battery RA, Bays (2 Armoured Brigade.

In Support – 17 Field Regiment RA, 501 Field Company RE (pending relief by 214 Field Company RE from Bridging Camp).

2 Innisks will relived two coys, 2/5 Queens and A Squadron 1 Horse.

1 RIrF will relieve one coy, 25 Queens and 2/6 Queens.

56 Recce will relieve 44 Recce.

2 LIR in reserve.

The majority of reliefs will be done in daylight except the forward section on the eastern floodbanks of Senio River and most of the positions at present held by 44 Recce.

1730 Brigade Commanders’ Conference, attended by all commanders in Brigade Group. Orders for the relief of 169 Brigade and a general idea of what to expect were given out.


Exercise Moonshine.

Brigade O Group.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

Conference at Brigade re Training.


1000 Football Match at Forli Stadium. 2 LIR 1 152 Field Ambulance 7

1100 CO’s Conference and discussion on previous day’s exercise.

1800 CO visits Brigade HQ for conference on relief of 169 Brigade.

8th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.


2 Innisks – Individual training.

2 LIR – Coy training.

1 RIrF – Coy training and interior economy.

Brigade Commander visits bttns and training areas during the day.


CO and IO  to 2/6 an 2/5 Queens. Brigade move order.

Captain DEH Haywood MC and Lt KEG Taylor joined the bttn from 2 CRU.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

Normal training in the morning. Movement Order No 1 issued.

0930 The CO paid a visit to the Bttn HQ of the 2/5 Queens for the information on the area prior to our take over.

1210 CO’s conference on the new area and the type of country and fighting to be met there.

1500 Flame Throwing Demonstration.


0900 Normal training programmes carried out.

0930 Capt RJ Cockburn and recce party go to new Bttn area at Pieve di Cesato 373295.

9th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

Coy and individual training carried out. Bttns also prepare for future take over night 10/11.

1600 COs and Coy Commanders of all bttns, leave to commence recces of bttn and coy positions they were going to take over.


Advance parties to 2/5 and 2/6 Queens. Brigade OO 41 and Bttn Move Order 13.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

Preparations were begun for move of the bttn. Movement Order No 2 issued.

0830 CO, IO, Coy Commanders and platoon representatives on advance party, went to recce new area.

The CO is pleased to announce the immediate award of the MM to 6976857 CSM J Nolan MM.


0900 CO visits new bttn area.

Moving orders issued.

10th March


Brigade Group moves up during the day and relief of 169 Brigade commences.

Brigade Commander visits COs of 2 Innisks and 1 RIrF during the morning accompanied by Brigade Commander, 169 Brigade.

1300 Brigade Commander went to see Demonstration of the capabilities of a Crocodile (flame throwing Churchill).

2130 Relief of 169 Brigade complete.

Locations 38 (Irish) Brigade Group:

HQ 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade: Main – 376311, Rear – 392289.

2 Innisks: Main HQ – 347316. B Coy HQ – 329328, plus at 324331-326334-329335. C Coy HQ – 332332, plus at 331332 – 329334 – 330334. A Coy HQ – 334330, plus at 333333 – 332335 – 333336. D Coy – 344319 in reserve.

1 RIrF: Main HQ – 304323. B Coy HQ – 336333, plus at 338338 – 335338 – 335337. C Coy HQ – 345336, plus at 341338 – 343338 – 346338 – 348337. D Coy HQ – 357329 plus at 351336 – 355335 – 355333. A coy – 355321 in reserve.

56 Recce: Main HQ – 375328. A Squadron HQ 365342, with troops at 361345 – 364345 – 364341. B Squadron HQ  – 365337 with troops at 364337 – 361340 – 359341. C Squadron HQ  – 361334 with troops at 361334 – 359336 – 357336.

17 Field Regiment RA HQ – 404316.

214 Field Company RE – 369312.

D Support Group HQ – 365315.

254 A/Tk Battery RA – 379316.

A Squadron Bays – 379317.

1 RIrF – HQ, 353322.

1700 Command taken over, 1 platoon 2/6 Queens, under command until relieved after dark.

2015 C Coy, two casualties from active grenading on river bank at 342338.

2 Innisks – GRANAROLA.

The bttn spent the morning in making final preparations for the move.

1345 Btttn left Forli under command Major Nixon MC and travelled without incident to the de-busing point at Granarola 354321. Here, they were met by guides supplied by the 2/5 Queens, who led coys as far as their respective coys, and from there on, they were taken on by our own platoon representatives.

1445 A few necessary Bttn HQ vehicles arrived at Bttn HQ (348316), Signal truck, Intelligence truck etc, ahead of the bttn to fit up Bttn HQ as they came in.

1515 Bttn de-bused at Granarola and marked to their coy areas.

1630 A Coy completed their take over and were established with their Coy HQ at 33383300, one platoon at 33303367, one at 33203355 and the Reserve Platoon at 33303334. Positions on the floodbank were well prepared and two sniper tunnels were built. Platoons had grenades in their positions.

1700 The CO made his routine visit to all coys.

1715 C Coy had two platoons in position at 331334 and 331333, with Coy HQ at 332333. The past platoon was waiting until dark before going to its position at 329334.

1730 D Coy were complete in their reserve area, Coy HQ and two platoons at 346318 and one platoon at 342321.


0930 1st Party move off to B Echelon area 392298.

1330 2nd Party move to Pieve di Cesato area, Location: Bttn HQ – 372310, E Coy – 383284, F coy – 373294, G Coy – 375299, H Coy – 375304, S Coy – 378303. Officers Mess – 372308.

1800 Bttn at 1 hours notice. In the event of an enemy breakthrough on the Senio, 2 LIR as reserve bttn in the brigade, would move forward to Granarola 355320 and defend it.