26th March


0500 2 LIR patrol to enemy outposts at 337338 found enemy alert and was met with grenades and SA fire causing three casualties.

Only slight MG and mortar HF on brigade sector during the night.

1200 Relief of 2 LIR and 1 RIrF commenced.

1500 Daylight relief of 2 LIR by 5 Northamptons completed without incident.

1600 Majority of 1 RIrF relieved, except for three platoons.

1730 Command of sector passed by 11 Infantry Brigade.

1900 Relief of 1 RIrF by 2 LF completed without incident.

Main Brigade HQ opens at previous Rear HQ 392289.

Battalions on relief lie up for the night at the B Echelon areas.

1 RIrF – 347316.

0005 C Coy (Major RSV Howard) platoon in left platoon position at B Coy – 2 casualties.

1700 Sniper (Fusilier Clanahan) with A coy shot two Bosche, 1 dead, 1 probable.

1900 Relief by 2 Lancashire Fusiliers complete.

2 Innisks – GRANAROLO.

Preparations were started for the bttn move to Forli. Coys started ferrying kit to B Echelon area. Movement Order No 4 issued.


Sitrep: Quiet night except for light enemy mortaring.

0500 hrs – own  patrol to enemy position at 337338 met by SA and grenade fire. Enemy trench at the top of the floodbank not occupied but enemy alert at bottom. Own casualties – 1 ORs, 2 ORs wounded.

0800 Morning spent preparing to hand over sector to 5 Northants. Relief to take place in daylight. On relief each coy to march back to Granarolo village, thence by transport to B Echelon area 392298.

1700 Relief completed and bttn now bivouacked in B Echelon area.

Died on this Day:

Rifleman William Hewlett, London Irish Rifles.

27th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

1100 Brigade Group commences to move from B Echelon areas to Forli. Billets were practically the same as before, in and around the town, except for 2 LIR, who were more scattered around the town.

Brigade HQ established at M 432171 (Forli).

1500 Brigade Commander visits 2 Armoured Brigade.

1630 GOC 78 Division arrives at Brigade HQ and stays to tea.

1700 A conference and discussion was held in the Prefecture, Forli, on the Kangaroo and Infantry exercise. “Hosannah.” Points that arose from the previous exercise carried out by 2 Innisks were brought out.

Those attending were officers from 2 Armoured Brigade, 4th Hussars, all officers of 38 Brigade down to Coy Commanders and representatives from 36 Brigade.

1 RIrF

27th to 31st March – Crocodile demonstration on 31st.


0900 56 Recce party arrived to take over billets.

1045 Bttn Convoy formed up at crossroads 372295.

1100 Bttn convoy moved off.

1200 Bttn arrives at Forli and occupied billets held on previous visit.

1615 B Echelon left for Forli.

1700 B Echelon arrived at Forli. CO, 2.i.c., IO RSO and Company Commanders attended a conference at brigade on Hosanna Exercise.


0900 Bttn commenced move back to Forli area.

Locations – Bttn HQ in house 442162 with coys in close proximity.

1700 CO and Coy Commanders proceed to O Group on forthcoming ‘Kangaroo’ Exercise. The O Group took place in the AMGOT building in St Andrew’s Square, Forli.

28th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

Forecast of training and operations issued to all bttns.

Training will commence on 30th March and will continue for a period until 8th April. Main items will be the continuation of cooperation with Infantry and Kangaroos and tanks, river crossings, field firing and demonstration of the use of Crocodiles.

Recces by COs and Coy Commanders of various exercises and training areas carried out.

Trial preparations for St Patrick’s Day parade and celebrations carried out.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

1000 CO’s Orders. Personnel mentioned in Brigade Orders received Brigade certificates from the CO. Arrangements were made for the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations to be held on the 29th. Lieut PIM Foort and Lieut DM hill taken on strength of bttn.

There was a bath allotment at St Patrick’s Barracks (1 RIrF) for A, B, C Coys.


1200 CO’s address to bttn on past events, future training, bttn’s probable future role etc.

29th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

1000 Divine Service was held in the Esperia Cinema for Church of England. Mass was celebrated at Forli Cathedral.

1100 Brigade Group formed up in St Andrew’s Square, Forli for the formal presentation of Shamrock by Lieut General CF Keightley, CB DSO OBE, Commander 5 Corps. Major General RK Arbuthnot CBE DSO MC, Commander 78 Division was also present.

Owing to the Brigade being in the line on March 17, it was decided to postpone all celebrations and presentations until this date, when we would out of the line. The parade looked most impressive and, apart from the three battalions and Brigade HQ, representatives from D Support Group (1 Kensingtons), North Irish Horse, 152 Field Ambulance, and 1 LIR were also present.

The Brigade Commander made a short speech and then handed over the parade to Lieut General Keightley, who also spoke a few words. He made references to the Brigade’s own associations with him in the past and how pleased he was to be able to present the Shamrock this day. He pointed out the remarkable successes on the Western Front and showed how directly concerned the Brigade and all the troops in Italy had contributed to these successes. They were holding 26 German Divisions in Italy and, if allowed to go, would have serious repercussions in producing a very unfavourable counter attack.

After the Corps Commander had spoken, he presented all officers with Shamrock and the RSMs presented Shamrock to their men – such as were available.

When the Brigade had been dismissed, the massed Pipes and Drums of four battalions – 2 Innisks, 2 LIR, 1 LIR and 1 RIrF played in the square. The band was a most impressive sight comprising of 72 members of which 42 were pipers. It was a great achievement and triumph to those who had worked in the past to bring the band to perfection and to see the magnificent results of their labours.

The officers of Brigade HQ entertained all officers of the Brigade and other guests to a cocktail party at midday.

During the afternoon, the battalions held their own entertainments. The London Irish held an Officers v Sgts football match, which to any casual spectator might have considered a minor war and various sports items.

The Inniskillings also had an Officers v Sgts football match and the Irish Fusiliers held a race meeting with a magnificent tote in which mules and insecure officers astride them featured.

The day was wound up by the London Irish holding a very successful dance in their mess in the evening.

1 RIrF

Died on this Day:

Fusilier Frederick Masters, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

0930 Bttn Church Parade. The Regimental Pipe Band had led the parade as far as the Esperia Theatre. At this point the C of E’s Parade, led by Major EH Cochrane, marched to the British Church and the RC’s Parade carried on to the Cathedral led by Major PL Blake MC.

1100 Brigade formed up on St Andrew’s Square for address by the Corps Commander and Brigadier Scott. After the address, the Commander distributed Shamrock to all the Officers. After morning parades, the remainder of the day was treated as a holiday. The Bttn Vino Bar opened at 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs and Vino was served free in the evening from 1800 hrs to 2300 hrs.

1630 Officers v Sergeants Football match. The Regimental Pipe Band was in attendance.

1730 ENSA show arranged by 2 LIR. 100 ORs were invited to attend from our bttn.


Bttn celebrated St Patrick’s Day.

0930 Brigade C of E and RC Church Parades.

1045 Address by Lieut General CE Keightley CB DSO OBE, who afterwards presented shamrocks.

1135 Retreat by the Brigade Pipe Band and pipe band of 1 LIR.

1230 Sports Meeting at Forli Stadium. Events included mule races, Officers v Sgts fancy dress football match, comic events and a free vino bar.

1400 Dinners. CO visits the dining halls.

1730 Special ENSA Show for the bttn in the Apollo Theatre.

1930 Officers Dance.

30th March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

2 Innisks carry out a River Crossing Exercise in the morning over River Ronco in area H 4715.

2 LIR carry out a River Crossing Exercise and practice in some area in the afternoon.

Platoon of 1 RIrF rehearse demonstration of attack on defended locality with Crocodiles in support at M 501181.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

1200 CO’s Orders.

1300 29 reinforcements arrived from No 2 CRU. Lieut WA Keyworth taken on the strength of the bttn. Baths allotted at St Patrick’s Barracks for D, S and HQ Coys.


1400 Two coys on boating drill.

1700 CO’s O group on Tank and Infantry Cooperation Exercise ‘Massa’ to be held on the following day.

1930 Sgts celebrated St Patrick’s Day. Celebrations held in ANGOT building in St Andrew’s Square.

31st March

Brigade HQ – FORLI 432171.

2 LIR carry out Exercise “Massa” area (M 5121) north of Forlimpopoli. This exercise, carried out in conjunction with C Squadron Bays was designed to bring out all the salient points of infantry and tank cooperation including wireless procedure.

1000 Demonstration of an assault on a defended locality by a platoon of infantry supported Crocodiles took place at M 501181. Spectators included 100 from 2 Innisks and 1 RIrF and those available from 2 LIR, who were not on the exercise.

2 Innisks carry out River Crossing Exercise and practice over River Ronco in area M 4715.

2 Innisks – FORLI.

0800 RSM’s Parade. The Regimental Pipe Band was in attendance at the Parade and it attracted quite a bit of attention from the civilian population of Forli.

1100 Order from brigade to say that the Bttn Advance Part to move to A&SH area (11 Brigade) preparatory to bttn taking over and will stay night 1 / 2.

2100 2 Innisks Movement Order No 1 issued.


0900 Exercise ‘Massa’ commenced.

1000 One officer from G Coy and 1 NCO from each of the other coys proceeded to area 505181 to watch demonstration ‘Crocodiles’ (Churchill flame throwing tanks).

About this time, I decided that it would be some satisfaction to the men who were continually performing some gallant or outstanding act if we published their names in Brigade Orders. I also intended to give a simple certification to each man, recording the fact that their names had been so published. The trouble was that the allotment of “Mentions in Despatches” was very small and it took from nine months to a year for the London Gazette to publish the award.

We felt that this simple token could not be thought by anyone to infringe the general awards and would give COs some way of giving early recognition to good work, which did not quite come up to the standard of an immediate award.

I enclose, at the end, a copy of the certificate and a list of those published to date in Brigade Orders for outstanding work.

That the idea was sound was encouraged by the fact that the Divisional Commander decided, about two months later, to institute a similar arrangement throughout the Division. His object was the same as mine but he hit on the excellent plan of allowing anyone who was awarded the Divisional “Mark of Merit”, to wear a small piece of braid under that their divisional sign. He also decided to make it retrospective to the beginning of October, when we returned from Egypt.

I then made our publication of names in Brigade Orders retrospectively to the same time and that automatically carried on award of the Divisional “Mark of Merit”.

The Brigade Commander has directed that the following names be published in Brigade Orders to record outstanding devotion to duty in the service of the Irish Brigade.

February 1945:

2 Innisks.

6980348 Sgt A Boyd.

For outstanding leadership and bravery when attacking Spandau post at Spaduro and for exceptional patrol work in San Clemente area during the period Nov – Dec 44.

7045001 CQMS R Brown.

For delivering rations and supplies entailing journeys with mules under trying conditions during the period from 20 Dec 44 to 25 Jan 44.

6018027 Fus A Day.

During the period Oct – Dec 44, Fus Day has repeatedly distinguished himself in his work as signal linesman. Working often under heavy fire, on the most exposed sections of the front, he has never failed to accomplish whatever task has been given to him, however difficult or dangerous it may have been. In the San Clemente area in Nov 44, he laid and maintained two of the most difficult and dangerous lines to the standing patrols in Valley Farm and at Pt 156.

7043983 Sgt H Hughes.

Whilst holding House 156 in San Clemente area, Sgt Hughes showed great resourcefulness and coolness, when under enemy fire, he launched three cows within fifty yards of enemy positions in order that they might let off a suspected belt of mines.

6982197 Fus J Irving.

Fus Irving has been in charge of the signal terminal with “B” Coy for more than a year and has, in this capacity, ensured the transmission by phone and wireless of all the vital messages from his Coy Commander to Bttn HQ in three major battles. During the action of Spaduro in Oct 44, despite the heavy fire and the difficulty of the ground, working with the assault troops, he passed back by wireless during the battle all the information vital to the battalion Commander.

4458925 Sgt L Kelly.

For laying mines and booby traps in forward positions under extremely difficult conditions and for excellent work repairing billets during period from 20 Dec 44 to 25 Jan 44.

6975320 CQMS A Leinster/6981459 L/Cpl A Whitlam.

Outstanding work and devotion to duty in maintaining supplies from Cuviola to Casoni, under hardships of climactic conditions and terrain and under shellfire.

14381069 L/Cpl R Lloyd.

For maintaining a very high standard of efficiency in his section throughout the period 1 Oct – 31 Dec 1944 and for… and continuous work on patrol throughout this period.

6983986 Fus H Lonsdale.

Fus Lonsdale has been a Coy’s runner at Bttn HQ for more than a year and has always discharged his duties with the most conspicuous coolness and determination, often carrying important messages from Bttn HQ to his Coy under heavy fire. During the period Oct – Dec 44 when the task of a runner has been an especially arduous one on account of the weather and  the ground, Fus Lonsdale has never failed to carry his message through, however adverse the weather.

6980795 L/Sgt F Lyttle.

Perfomed outstanding duties when attacking the Spaduro feature on 23 Oct 44.

6977352 Sgt W McCusker.

Performed outstanding duties when assaulting Spaduro feature on 23 Oct 44.

6983063 L/Cpl G Malkin.

On the night of the Spaduro attack, this NCO was a SB in “B” Coy. “C” Coy suffered a few casualties and L/Cpl Makin went over to assist. It was largely due to his quick actions in dressing wounds and the way he carried the wounded down the hill that enabled them to receive early skilled treatment. At all times, he  disregarded personal danger to look after the wounded.

6980270 Fus K Meenagh.

During the period of Oct 44, Fus Meenagh was Coy signaller with “D” Coy. A line forward from “D” Coy HQ to a Platoon position on the forward slope of the Sillaro ridge. This line was repeatedly broken by enemy mortar fire which fell between the Platoon position and Coy HQ. Fus Meenagh went out repeatedly during every night repeatedly during every night to repair this very vital line. To accomplish this, he had on many occasions to crawl several hundred yards through mud across country, which was traversed by enemy patrols.

3860491 L/Sgt J Neary.

When House 156, San Clemente area was being subjected to heavy mortar and MG fire, L/Sgt Neary led a patrol from out of the house and engaged and drove off an enemy patrol that had approached. Throughout this operation, Sgt Neary showed complete disregard for personal safety.

6981706 CQMS S Norton.

Worked tremendously hard under the most difficult circumstances, often shell fire, when supplying the coy with food and ammunition in the most difficult mountainous terrain, in appalling conditions from 23 Oct 44 to 14 Nov 44.

6980896 Cpl W O’Connor/6980343 L/Cpl T Topham/6979415 Fus T Dickenson/6984015 Fus J Prosser.

For their excellent work as muleteers, under enemy shellfire, and very adverse weather conditions, during the period 1 Oct to 31 Dec 44. Had these NCOs and men not shown great stamina and determination on occasions, forward coys would not have received rations and ammunition.

6983630 Fusilier W Peden.

For outstanding work in signal lines in exposed positions thus enabling communications with forward platoons to be maintained during period 5 to 17 January.

6977501 Cpl J Quinn.

Outstanding work and devotion to duty when “A” Echelon transport was under shellfire and when an RE 15 cwt truck loaded with explosives received a direct hit thereby igniting a Bttn petrol truck. This Cpl tirelessly worked putting out fires amongst the transport whilst under shellfire.

5509815 Cpl A Richardson/6981358 Fusilier J Hutchinson/6979903 Fusilier J Hunt.

For cooking under adverse conditions and under mortar and shell fire during period from 20 Dec 44 to 25 Jan 45.

6081505 L/Cpl J Sherburn.

Showed great devotion to duty when evacuating casualties from a minefield on the 23 Oct 44 and again when under shell fire on 26 Nov 44.

2 LIR.

7015055 CSM G Charnick.

For keeping his Coy supplied with ammunition in conditions of darkness, heavy fire and unmarked minefields at Spinello.

5674055 U/L/Cpl M Corp.

For courage and devotion to duty in maintaining supplies and communications to Platoons under enemy fire.

7020851 Rfn S Cummings.

For effective sniping against 3 Para Regiment, particularly on 20 Jan 45 when he inflicted 2 observed casualties, one of whom was probably killed.

7011503 W/CSM G Dardis.

For his outstanding ability and tireless effort in organising supplies by mule in difficult conditions.

6481488 L/Cpl E Edland.

For setting an example of bravery in the attack, to the rifleman of his Coy.

7046631 L/Cpl G Faizey.

For capturing a patrol of four Germans on the night of 17/18 Jan 45.

6357125 Cpl E Flavell MM.

For exceptional steadiness under fire on the night of 16 Jan 45 when he and the standing patrol under his command were caught in a heavy concentration of 28 mm Nebelwerfer bombs.

7021333 Sgt P Francis.

For outstanding service in patrol actions against 3 Para Regiment, particularly in a raid on 3 Jan 45 and on an ambush patrol on 15 Jan 45.

4696490 L/Cpl D Galvin.

For good work whilst a stretcher bearer in evacuating wounded under fire.

7015188 W/Sgt R Graham.

For excellent leadership in commanding his platoon.

5672361 U/L/Sgt W Higson.

For prompt and successful acceptance of responsibility, ie taking over command first of his Platoon and then his Coy after heavy casualties.

6348526 W/Cpl W Johnson.

For cool and courageous leadership of his MMG section during a prolonged series of determined duels against enemy spandaus whilst under shellfire and for his initiative in removing S and Schu mines from the Platoon area in Oct 44.

7018844 Sgt N Johnston.

For courage and devotion, whilst performing the duties of Platoon Commander and Coy Sgt Major, at all times.

7011033 Platoon L/Sgt E Logue.

For consistent devotion to duty and exemplary leadership in action of a standard to be proud of, as a senior regular soldier of his regiment.

7012146 CQMS J McKee.

For maintaining supplies under extremely hazardous conditions, which must have tested his endurance to the utmost.

7011368 Rfn H Murphy.

For devotion to duty in collecting valuable equipment from casualties under fire.

6976296 Sgt C Nixon (ACC attch 2 LIR).

For his services as Cook Sgt in maintaining the highest standard in the company cookhouses by his unfailing energy, cheerfulness and disregard of personal danger.

7019620 Platoon L/Sgt C Connor.

For constant good work in observation and sniping to the detriment of the Hun.

7016159 W/Sgt H Ogilvie.

For outstanding service and able leadership as Platoon Sgt and Platoon Commander of the Mortar Platoon when occupying difficult positions in Dec 44.

7016665 Local CSM G Plummer.

For devotion to duty and maintenance of efficiency in his Coy, both in and out of the line.

2588462 Cpl H Sadler (ACC).

As Coy cook for carrying out his duties in an exemplary manner in trying circumstances.

5336344 Rfn R Steemson.

For maintaining forward signal lines when in close contact with the enemy.

6214604 U/L/Cpl C Thomas.

For coolness, cheerfulness and maintenance of his objective in action.

5954994 L/Cpl H Tidmarsh.

For accomplishing difficult and dangerous work in organising the RAP in battle.

6409561 W/Sgt M Weafer.

For first class leadership in the attack on Spinello when ill with malaria.

1 RIrF.

14561338 Fus H Bloomer.

This Fusilier has been a Coy Runner of merit for some considerable time. Always cheerful and conscientious, he has never failed in his duties of guiding or message delivering, both in and out of action.

6984396 Cpl L Cathcart.

On 11 Mar 45, Cpl Cathcart’s post on the east bank of the River Senio was attacked in strength. During a three hour flight, he organised resistance and denied the position to the enemy despite a serious ammunition shortage. His courage was an inspiration to his men.

14506374 L/Cpl C Charlton.

On the night of 10 Jan 45. L/Cpl Charlton was in command of a section in Casa di Sopra, south of Frasinetto. An enemy patrol approached the house and was observed by this NCO, who, together with fire and grenades, killing one and probably wounding others. He displayed initiative and courage in dealing with the situation without reference to his commander.

7045417 Cpl A Copeland (ACC).

Cpl Copeland has cooked for his coy under almost all conceivable conditions, both in an out of action. At all times, he has maintained a high standard of feeding and this fact has in no small way contributed to the morale of his coy.

7045778 Fus T Davies (Signals).

This Fusilier has worked hard and efficiently in various capacities within the Signal Platoon. His zeal has been noticeable during the winter months and particularly during the raid on Tamagnin, 18 Dec 44, where he helped to lay a line behind the raiding force and kept this means of communication open throughout the operation.

7043477 Fus T Gates.

During the period in the mountains, this Fusilier was outstanding for his steadfast conduct. On 19 Jan 45, an enemy patrol approached his position and, regardless of his own safety, he stood up and hurled eight grenades, dispersing the enemy.

7044594 Fus H Hutchinson (Signals).

In the past few months, Fus Hutchinson has worked hard, often under shellfire, to mend broken signal cables. But for his sense of duty, on many occasions, valuable time would have been lost owing to the impossibility of passing messages.

14452064 L/Sgt J Lang.

Throughout the grim fighting of Oct 44 in the mountains and on the plain since, this NCO has maintained a high standard of courage and command which has been an inspiration to his men.

7043341 Sgt P Lynch.

During the recent period on the east bank of the Senio, Sgt Lynch has acted both as Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander. In either capacity, he has been outstanding as an example to his men – whether it be at     hurling grenades, or firing the 2 inch mortar and the PIAT, from which the latter his Platoon fired 300 bombs during one night. His enthusiasm at tormenting the enemy had a great effect on the morale of his men

6978127 L/Cpl W McComish (Signals).

An outstanding man in the Signal Platoon. Always industrious, under any conditions. During the last few months has shown extreme devotion to duty in the laying and maintenance of lines.

6976706 Sgt G McDratney (ACC attch 1 RIrF).

For excellent service to the battalion as Cook Sgt during the period Oct 44 to Jan 45.

14218774 Fus M McLean.

Since the occupation of the positions of the bank of the River Senio, this Fusilier has shown himself to be keen and willing to obey any orders. On various occasions, he has shown initiative and has participated highly successfully in grenade exchanges.

6983573 Cpl C Moore (Signals).

This NCO has been given a variety of tasks in the past winter months and has always tackled them cheerfully, inspiring his comrades with the same attitude whether under fire or adverse weather conditions.

6976935 Sgt J Moorhead.

Sgt Moorhead has been MT Sgt, 1 RIrF for over three years. During this period, he has carried out his duties with skill and efficiency. Throughout the winter months 44/45, he worked hard to keep his transport on the road, under the severest conditions. This involved recovery of vehicles from forward positions whilst under fire.

7043390 Sgt S Needham.

Since the Bttn came abroad, Sgt Needham has acted both as Detachment Commander and Platoon Sergeant of the Mortar Platoon. His performance in action has always been of the highest standard and especially during the attack on Monte Spaduro, when he commanded the Platoon in the absence of his Commander.

7022726 Cpl R Slade.

This NCO has maintained a high individual standard of work in the Pioneer Platoon throughout the past five months and was particularly conspicuous in his patrol and recce prior to the first raid on Tamagnin 18 Dec 44.

7045268 Fus T Smart.

During the night on Tamagnin 18 Dec 44, Fusilier Smart displayed great determination and tenacity of purpose.

6978150 Fus A Smith (Signals).

This Fusilier has been a Signals DR since the Bttn came abroad. His service has always been of the highest standard, particularly noteworthy has been his performance throughout the winter months, driving under fire and under the severest weather conditions.

6099932 Private G Smith (ACC).

Since October, Private Smith has served as a Coy Cook in all weathers, both in an out of the line. At all times, he maintained a high standard of feeding and cooking within the FDLs on 12 Mar 45 when he was wounded by a mortar bomb.

6985826 Fus F Turton.

This Fusilier acted as a Muleteer during the period in the mountains. At all times, he was cheerful under the worst weather conditions and made several journeys daily to ensure that supplies went forward, despite enemy shelling and almost impossible tracks.

6976165 Fus W Weir.

In his capacity as stretcher bearer, Fusilier Weir has been outstanding on all occasions when his services have been required, during the winter months whether under fire or under adverse weather conditions.

Signal Section 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade.

2383237 Driver R Bennett.

For ability and cheerfulness when working long hours driving a Line Maintenance Jeep on roads, which were regularly shelled and laying lines by mule over very difficult country.

14348027 Signalman JW Farrar.

For outstanding efficiency and speed in maintaining Lines to bttns under adverse conditions during the period 22 Oct 44 to 31 Dec 44.

2348331 Signalman FS Turley.

For continuous zeal and ability in maintaining charging equipment, Wireless Set and Exchanges under the most difficult conditions. 

Tuesday 20th March 1945 – 2 Innisks

The Commanding Officer is pleased to make the following appointments with effect from the dates shown:

To be paid Acting Sergeants.

6980759 PLS F Lyttle,  C Coy (vice Boyd) – 17.3.45.

6984922 PLS A Malone, A Coy (vice McCusker) – 17.3.45.

To be paid Lance Sergeants.

7043473 ULS J Creighton, C Coy (vice Sheehy) – 13.1.45.

3860491 ULS J Neary, A Coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

7043473 ULS J Chatburn MM, D Coy (vice Malone) – 17.3.45.

To be unpaid Lance Sergeant.

6984401 W/Cpl J Meredith, C Coy – 17.3.45.

To be paid Acting Corporals.

6105242 PLS D Carroll, B coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

14599087 ULC H Flint, A Coy (vice Lyttle) – 17.3.45.

3772664 ULC C Cornwall, B Coy (vice Malone) – 17.3.45.

7044366 ULC H Hesketh, C Coy (vice Mason) – 19.3.45.

13095825 ULC D Williamson, A Coy (vice Hearn) – 19.3.45.

14381069 ULC R Lloyd, A Coy (vice Weatherfield – 19.3.45.

To be paid Lance Corporals.

6983011 ULC A Durrance, D Coy (vice Cork) – 10.3.45.

7015877 ULC R Dubey, D Coy (vice Carroll) – 12.3.45.

14215384 ULC H Mabey, S Coy (vice Heath) – 10.3.45.

6984154 ULC E Woods, D Coy – 18.3.45.

14379105 ULC T Holmes, HQ Coy – 18.3.45.

14655599 ULC C Knight, B Coy – 18.3.45.

6983044 ULC H Jibb, C Coy – 18.3.45.

To be unpaid Lance Corporal

4752450 Fusilier C Barron, A Coy – 18.3.45.

Transfers Inter Company.

6984730 L/Cpl J O’Reilly from S to HQ Coy – 18.3.45.

6412621 Fusilier E Woodjetts from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

14641416 Fusilier H Reynolds from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

14319691 Fusilier G Gaynor from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

2130405 Fusilier W McKenna from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

6985893 Fusilier E Goode from D to C Coy – 18.3.45.

6105232 Corporal D Carroll from B to C Coy – 19.3.45.

3772664 Corporal C Cornwall from B to C Coy – 19.3.45.