Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

No contact made by patrols. Trace showing area patrolled attached.


1130 Two SD men attacked from French forces (Patrol Alsace), left to blow up ammunition dump at Farm 618112. They destroyed it with two charges. After the first, they had the opportunity of inspecting the interior of the building: they were especially anxious to search it as immediately after the explosion, several Arabs, who had patently been looting, bolted northwards from the farm. In it, they found much damage as a result of our shellfire. The wireless set previously reported by Patrol Marquis was confirmed to be of civilian pattern. A civilian telephone was also in the farm, but with…tee-in of German military cable, the lines from which ran NW into the hills. The wireless set was removed for examination, and the telephone and lines were totally destroyed by the patrol. Also was found a German Oberst’s tunic badly torn and bloodstained above the waist. Monsieur Peladan told our SD men that this had been there before we had shelled the farm. It is therefore probable that the Oberst’s death was caused by Patrol Marquis’ booby trap. After the second explosion, four enemy were observed approaching from the… while about 300 yards behind them (1500 yards from the farm), a large support of unidentifiable men could be seen. Patrol Alsace accordingly withdrew via Farm Peledan where, hidden by boughs and foliage lay a dump of 120 Tellermines in a gully. Patrol Alsace did not touch them but returned to Bttn HQ, and reported them, and enumerating at the same time the contents of the dump they had destroyed as stick grenades, detonators, pull igniters and SAA packed for MG and rifle. Plans were accordingly made for the destruction of the Tellermine dump the next day. Capt RM Cunningham struck off Bttn strength wef this date.

1830 Patrol Lorraine returned. Their report and trace attached in Appendix.

1900 During the afternoon, the evacuation of M Peladan with our assistance from the Farm Peladan to his brother’s farm at Ain Ksyl was begun under auspices of FSP. At this time, it was reported completed.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0005 Recce patrol to Plough Top found no sign of the enemy, beyond the sound of digging in the gully north of the feature. Lt Wood took 3 men to Stop Farm to ascertain if it was definitely occupied. He entered the farm after a cautious recce and found evidence of a hasty retreat by the enemy. The buildings were all badly damaged by our shellfire, and it was apparent that several enemy dead were beneath the rubble in the cellar of the house. This had apparently been used as an HQ, 2 cables ran through a window and various articles of clothing and equipment lay about the room.

In the yard, was discovered the bodies of Capt WAR Daly, L/Cpl Black and one other.

A number of enemy and British small arms and ammunition was collected by Lt Wood. An A/Tk gun was found by the haystack; this had a longer barrel that our 25 pounder, but was smaller itself. The breech block was smashed.

Lt Wood lay up here all day with the 2 others of his patrol, sorting and collecting the salvage.

A recce patrol visited Argoub Hamra and found no enemy upon it. They went onto the vicinity of Carrier Farm, but owing to the extreme darkness could not ascertain if the enemy were there or not. No movement was seen or heard.

1000 Coy Commander’s conference.

Enemy shelling is more persistent during the afternoon and evening than for some days. 2.i.c. visited A and C Coys on Grandstand after dark

Wood, who has been lying up on Stop Farm J647102 since last night reports that Capt Daly’s body is there, as is Corporal Black’s. He has stacked a quantity of enemy equipment up. B Coy are sending out patrol to bring in the bodies and equipment.

2 LIR.

2 platoons and company HQ of H Company take over E Company’s positions 610083. 1 platoon of H Company relieve 9 Platoon (E Company) on Castle Hill. E Company take up positions on Stuka Ridge and Stuka Farm.