Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Contact was made with enemy Farm 654129. Results of patrol and enemy activity on the brigade front, see 38 Brigade Intelligence summary dated 6 March.


This day, 1 RIrF as part of 38 (Irish) Infantry brigade ceased to form part of 6 Armoured Division, their place being taken by 1 Guards Brigade. The Irish Brigade became part of 78 Division. Captain MW Harvey RAMC posted as MO i.c. 1 RIrF. Lieut DW Smith and DF Siller reported, posted to A and D Coys respectively.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

1130/1230 A few mortar bombs on Grandstand.

1930 Another small patrol to Stop Farm saw and heard nothing of the enemy.

1930 One NCO and 2 men went out to pt 286 again. About 100 yards up the hill (SE slope), they found some booby traps (with trip wires 4” to 6” off the ground. Voices were heard coming from near the top of the hill. Whilst this patrol was out, they came under shellfire. The enemy put down a number of shells between pts 279 and 286 apparently with the object of harassing any of our patrols. Our constant visits to pt 286 evidently annoy him.

2100 A patrol of 10 under command Sgt O’Driscoll, C Coy, paid a visit to Carrier Farm (654129). On the way, Sgt O’Donnell found a signal cable running along the road going east from 648099 junction. He cut about 200 yards out of this, brought some back with him and scattered odd lengths of the rest about the countryside. From Hamra (6612), he saw a light at Carrier Farm. The patrol then went on, and reached a spot about 20 yards before the farm entrance before being halted by a sentry.  He was standing somewhat leisurely by the entrance and Sgt O’Donnell opened fire upon him with his Tommy Gun. The sentry fell; MG fire opened up from all parts of the farm and especially from positions well away from the buildings. One MG about 50 yards from the patrol was silenced with a grenade. Fire continued to come from all directions and Sgt O’Donnell ordered his men to fall back. Groups of Germans thereupon ran out of the various barns and our patrol put down considerable Bren fire upon them. Another MG opened up from the west of the Goubellat road. Sgt O’Donnell gradually retreated with his men, and the enemy began firing off Very lights and followed up our patrol for about 100 yards. When Sgt O’Donnell stopped to check up, he found that L/Cpl Daniels was missing. This NCO did not return. On the way back, another telephone cable, running east from Stop Farm was cut. 5-10 casualties were inflicted on the enemy by this well led patrol.

2 LIR.

PM Enemy spasmodically shelled by our artillery in areas 616076, 644077.