War Diaries – 5th March 1943

Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Personal message from BGS First Army regarding changeover of 38 (Irish) from 6 Armoured Division to 78 Division received.

Owner of farm 616108 reported than his house was used as an enemy RAP during the recent battle and that 19 killed and 36 enemy wounded had passed through it. He also reported that Farm 617112 had been used as an HQ.


Barrosa Day. Many Faughs, including Brigadier N Russell MC, commander ‘Y’ Division, Lt-Col TPD Scott, commander 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade and Captain J Norman Adjutant 6 Innisks attended the ceremony of the Barrosa Cup at Bttn HQ as 1830 hrs, a special cup being made for the purpose from the base of a 6 pounder shell.

0530 Patrol Gaiety (A Coy, with, in support Capt GA de MR Pierce, RLG Wood and GM MacLachlan) set out to search the hill-mass west of the Bttn position.

1630 The whole of the patrol returned reporting the area clear. The details of this patrol and of the other of the activities of this day and night are recorded in detail in the Appendix.

Fusilier James Thompson, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

A very quiet day. 2/3 mortar bombs dropped east of Farm 637082 did no damage.

1930 A fusilier recce patrol to Stop Farm could observe no movement of enemy.

1930 A patrol of 3 visited pt 286 (662069), but on skirting around the lower slopes, could neither see nor hear any movement. They moved onto 667068 and lay up for some time. A vehicle was heard to start up in the saddle between Mehallah and Barka accompanied by 2 or 3 commands in German. Otherwise, the patrol was without incident.

NB Between 2200 and 2300 hrs, considerable movement of British vehicles was seen in Bou Arada and along the road from there to our positions. This movement was given away by lights. Some automatic near Bou Arada about 0445hrs proved to be an exchange of fire between our platoon in Nuisance Farm and French troops in the village. It was quite harmless.

2 LIR.

Patrol of E Company cover area along wadi to Mosque Hill.

Local patrols from E and F Companies in front of their positions.

1800 E Company report that their patrol had located a German observation post at 605084. F Company report that their patrol had found a German mortar complete and bombs.