Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Contact made with enemy patrols night 1/2 March. For details, see Brigade Intelligence Summary dated 2 March. Brigade informed Division that C Squadron, 142 RAC will come under command 38 Brigade as soon as possible after dark night 2/3 March.

Propaganda leaflets, distributed over enemy lines by base ejection shells, were fired today. Units were warned that leaflets will serve as safe conduct passes and copies were distributed.


1900 Platoon A Coy occupied Sidi Krelif without opposition (area 5907). Other activity normal – nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0930 Mortar bombs on Stuka Ridge 635083.

1335 Mortar bombs on ridge east of Bttn HQ 647067. These bombs fell near Capt Bayley, Lieut Ablett, CSM Glover, and Fusilier Gilman, who were driving on a M/C combination to Bttn HQ for patrol conference. A wheel came off the M/C comb and Capt Bayley broke a collar bone – the others were shaken. Due to this accident, Capt Daly will take the fighting patrol to Stop Farm with the Carrier Platoon instead of a platoon from B Coy.

1555 5/6 smoke bombs dropped in line north of West Hill, a few yards from Bttn HQ, These were immediately followed by 9 Stukas, which dropped 10/12 bombs of medium calibre on Sidi Aek (638070). No damage done.

2000 The Carrier Platoon led by Capt WAR Daly attacked Stop Farm (647102), known to be occupied by the enemy, and suspected of being a FOP looking on to our Grandstand position. Capt Daly led the first section into the farmyard over a barricade without opposition. Two more sections followed and MG fire, then opened up from 2 of the farm buildings. Grenades were thrown at these and one MG was silenced. 3 were MGs, from outside the farm, then opened fire, all covering the barricade. Small arms fire came from a yard in the farm. Capt Daly then ordered a section round in one of the outside MGs, which was silenced with grenade. The section commander Sgt Donaldson returned to Capt Daly, and at that moment the latter was hit by a burst of fire and fell to the ground. He still carried on directing the attack but finally, deciding that the enemy fire was too heavy for all his men to get over the barricade, he ordered them to withdraw, and take the wounded with them. The men with him tried to move him, but were unable to do so. They left the farm to the west, and were fired on by another MG, which hit one of the wounded men. The platoon crept away and lay up for some time in the hope of picking up 3 ORs, who were missing. They did not turn up and the patrol returned to Bttn HQ. 5 ORs were wounded and evacuated. 1 of these died two days later. The patrol reported that just outside the farm was a two barrelled gun, similar to a 17 pounder, with a flash eliminator; in one of the buildings was a wireless or telephone and several enemy (grenades were thrown in here). Estimated casualties inflicted on the enemy: 15 2” MGs were silenced.

1900 A section went out to lay mines at cross roads 6611, but came across trip wire at 668115, over which one man stumbled, causing an explosion 2/3 foot away. This man was stunned for several minutes. The patrol went on; there 15/20 yards further a similar incident occurred. They were badly shaken and two of the men now needed assistance, so the commander decided to return.

2000 A platoon of D Coy, under Lt Clark, visited Carrier Farm (652129). They made a cautious approach, and there being no sign of the enemy, they went in. The farm was deserted, but slit trenches and six coils of barb wire were found. The patrol then lay mines across the road at 650127.

Captain William Daly, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Lance Corporal Cubitt Black, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Fusilier Ernest Towle, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

2 LIR.

1800 Number 9 Platoon, E Company on Mosque Hill will be relieved tonight by a platoon of 1 RIrF.

9 Platoon move to Castle Hill under command of F Company 2/LIR. 12 JU 87s bomb area of wadi 6307, again a wasted effort – no damage – no casualties.

Rifleman Richard Merley, London Irish Rifles.