Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

38 Brigade Admin Order No 3 issued.

78 Division less 36 and 11 Brigades relieved by 1 Division and moved to reserve area.

1 RIrF – BEJA.

0730 Bttn arrived in new area and was disposed as shown on Trace in the Appendix. D Coy came under command 46 counter attack force (commanded by Major the Lord O’Neill), the remainder of the Bttn being in reserve to 128 Infantry Brigade. Details of their role is given in the Appendix.

1130 Bttn O Group conference held, at which the situation of 128 Brigade and the situation of 1 RIrF was expounded – OP established at 258501 had nothing to report.

1300 The remainder of the day was spent in settling into the position, the Brigade Command and his staff visiting the CO.

The night was quiet. Two standing patrols were sent out by B Coy at 279451 and 253486 but had nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0600 Stand to – weather fine.

Coy activities confined to kit… inspections and practice shooting on the range.

1800 Impromptu concert. Brigadier N Russell (38 Irish Brigade), who was visiting the Bttn, remained as an amused member of the audience.

1830 2.i.c. and rest party returned from Ain Draham.

2 LIR.

Lieutenant D Sutherland, Lieutenant E Lovatt, Lieutenant Lyness and draft of 27 other ranks join battalion.