Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

Nothing to report.


Normal activity continued.

1300 CO attended conference at HQ 3 Infantry Brigade. Details of matter discussed are given in the Appendix.

No patrols were sent out by the Bttn, and there were no incidents. Moves as detailed in 1 RIrF OO No 4 were carried out without interference.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Weather fine and sunny and ground rapidly drying.

0900 Capt Kingsmill (Canada) and party left to recce area near Le Kef – area 0688.

1000 Changeover with 1 Scots Guards affected as: Recce party: 0700 hrs. Troops: 1000 hrs. Order of march: A, B, C, D Coys. Dispositions: A, B, C, D Coys Innisks to A, B, C, D Coys Scots Guards respectively.

The new Bttn HQ (Farm 482312) is a pleasant surprise to everyone. Although still occupied by a French family, the house is large enough to hold the whole of Bttn HQ personnel in comfort. Some of the rooms are partly furnished, so comfort really is the word.

1545 A Coy bring in an Arab, suffering from a slight head injury. Escort report that he was arrested near their position having been observed from the enemy lines.

On interrogation by Lieut Schayek, it was revealed that the prisoner had come from farm area J 1545, where he was purchasing tobacco from his friend Thara. At the farm was an Italian soldier, who asked the prisoner what he thought of the British. After saying that “the British were good, the Italian clubbed him with his rifle. Prisoner then ran away in the direction of our lines. Brigade HQ were informed and 1 Irish Guards are to send a patrol to investigate the farm.

1900 A Coy report enemy shelling their positions. One shell landing 50 yards from Coy HQ.

2000 Recce party from Le Kef returns. Bttn is now under command of 11 Infantry Brigade.

2 LIR.

Platoon of G Company relieved by RAF Regiment. Captain GG Hall, Captain Fitzgerald, Captain Giles, Lieutenant H N D Seymour and Lieutenant Cole join battalion.