Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

Lt J Hall, 6 Innisks IO 38 Brigade posted to 78 Division as LO.


A quiet day. Nothing to report. No movement seen by OP at 603088 but Farm 564146 was burning 1030hrs to 1530 hrs.

Night was quiet. There was nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Stand to at 0500 hrs. Activities during the day confirmed mainly to training. Rifle range revolver practice and field firing. A and C Coys on route march, recced routes to forming up point for possible counter attack role. Major GF Maxwell appointed GSO II (Training) First Army, left unit.

0900 Major J McCann, Capt Little, and 20 ORs left for rest camp at Ain Drahan.

1000 All routes receive the first anti typhus inoculation. CO attends conference at HQ, 24 Guards Brigade.

1830 CO holds conference for all officers.

1930 Coy Commanders’ conference.

2 LIR.

H Company relieved by 2788 Squadron RAF Regiment. Lieutenant J A St Maur Sheil joins battalion and takes over duties as Intelligence Officer. Lieutenant Howells returns to H Company.