War Diaries – 21st March 1943

Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

38 Brigade Intelligence Summary dated 20 March issued with general outline of 78 Division Area: A – own troops, B – enemy.


A quiet day with normal activity – nothing to report.

No patrols were sent out by the Bttn. A quiet night with nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

0500 Stand To. Coys on area route marches forward firing and rifle range. The rifle range appears to be very popular especially the novelty item “Pool Bull”. The remainder of Support Coy, an A/Tk platoon, who had been left with the Foresters rejoined the Bttn. Still enough rain to keep the ground very muddy.

1530 Brigadier from 24 Guards Brigade paid a visit.

1930 First instalment of transport left for change over with 1 Guards Brigade, who are replacing us in 6 Armoured Division.

The Bttn published its recce Intelligence Summary. Some 6 Innisks being extracts from Division and Brigade summaries, which have a local interest. It is hoped that this can be a regular feature and give all ranks the complete picture of the Brigade front.

2 LIR.

Battalion training.