Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

38 Brigade Training Instruction No 1 issued.

38 Brigade Anti Malarial Order No 1 issued.


Lieut DH Walsh and 4 ORs returned to England to pass on their battle experience to troops at home. No activity noted during the day of our enemy or our troops. The night was quiet. No patrols were sent out by the Bttn and there was nothing to report.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Another wet day with plenty of mud. The Bttn is apparently now under command of 24 Guards Brigade. This causes a few headaches – ie under whose command are the 6 Innisks – 38 (Irish) Brigade, 36 Brigade, 24 Brigade, 78 Division or 1 Division. However, the Adjutant seems to have settled the matter by sewing 78 Division signs on his new battledress – the only pair in the Bttn. Brigadier Russell visited the Bttn in afternoon, but unfortunately the CO was out making a recce along the Medjez road and liaising with the support units. Later still, the Army Commander – General Anderson paid a visit and watched the shooting on the range.

2 LIR.

Platoon of G Company relieves section of V Company of 5 Northants at 523155. Captain Findlater (R Berks) joins battalion from 5 Corps HQ and takes over command of HQ Company.