Brigade HQ – TESTOUR.

154045 Capt ETU Lewis RA ChD ceased to be posted on the strength of this HQ.

223396 Capt GLC Mitchell RA ChD posted to this HQ as C of E padre attached 6 Innisks.


0200 Detachment Bttn 6-pounder A/Tk gun platoon at 620129 sighted an enemy patrol estimated strength six, apparently bareheaded and in civilian clothes. Detachment challenged at forty yards and receiving no reply opened fire with rifles. The enemy answered with grenades and automatic fire. They then made off. The next morning search revealed a loaded Schmeisser magazine and the remains of an Eigg bomb pull igniter, proving conclusively that the approaching party were German.

0230 Patrol Demon returned reporting White Cable Farm 642123 and Farm 646113 occupied by an unknown number of enemy.

1745 OP on Burnt Hill, which had been posted all day, reported no enemy movement in their arc of observation (ranging due east to NNE).

1800 Patrols Steel and Tiger set out. Capt MJ Macdonald reported D Coy.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

The day was spent in settling down in our new abode and in discovering the general situation in the district. The weather was unaccountably good, and the change of scenery welcomed by all. During the later afternoon, Brigadier N Russell paid a visit to the Bttn, saw all officers and NCOs and conveyed St Patrick’s Day greetings to all ranks. He explained to the Bttn the reason for its transference from 6 Armoured Division to the 78th Infantry Division.


St Patrick’s Day – The officers and men were delighted at the arrival of Shamrock from Ireland.