Brigade HQ – BOU ARADA.

Enemy encountered at 649049, details see 38 Brigade Intelligence Summary dated 14 March. Tracing of A/Tk positions in 38 Brigade area as at 13 March issued.

38 Brigade OO No 14 issued.


0015 Patrol returned reporting clear of enemy the farms at its objective. On its return journey, however, when it passed an Arab dwelling at 617097. It made a slight noise and had two heavy mortar bombs fired at it from the north. Investigating 2 LIR found nothing later.

1030 A patrol of 1 officer, and 1 section went to investigate the Arab movement reported 12 Mar ’43 on Hill 593097 and OPs were posted again at 565107 and area bou.

1500 CO and Adjutant left for O Group conference at HQ 38 (Irish) Infantry Brigade. Details of what passed at it are recorded in the Appendix.

1620 The above patrol returned reporting the movement seen as a large household of friendly natives resident in dwellings 593097.

1830 The above OPs returned, but had observed no suspicious movement whatever.

6 Innisks – IN THE FIELD.

Very little shelling or mortar fire. Preparations were commenced for handing over to Sherwood Foresters. A recce party from this Bttn, including the Commanding Officer and the IO arrived towards midnight. After dark, an ambush party of INCO and 11 men took up positions to the east of Minefield Farm, in order to surprise any further patrol, which might feel inclined to visit the farm. However, they waited all night without being favoured with a visit from the Panzer Grenadiers. Once again, a patrol went out to the W Hill – Ploughtop area; they did not come across any Germans, but discovered a pit 5 foot square deep in the saddle of Ploughtop (probably a mortar position).

1930 C Coy sent out a patrol (Capt Rowlette and ten men) to visit Carrier Farm (654129), but they encountered the enemy whilst still on the way. Just before reaching the road going east from near Stop Farm, they found 20/25 men coming towards them, bunched together. Capt Rowlette waited until they were some 10/12 yards away before giving the order to fire. Our patrol opened up with everything they had, including grenades, and the enemy group immediately went to ground. Some fire was returned, but it is certain that several casualties were inflicted on the enemy. Almost immediately, following the exchange of shots, fire was opened upon our patrol from the western side of the main road and Capt Rowlette, fearing that this new enemy patrol intended working to his rear, decided to withdraw his men, whilst holding off the enemy with MG and rifle fire. This was successfully achieved, and the patrol arrived back with 2 minor casualties. Unfortunately, these 2 men received further wounds whilst being evacuated in the field ambulance. This was shot up while travelling through Bou Arada; the source of the firing is not known, but apparently it came from the French troops in the town, who seemed to be shooting at a suspected enemy patrol, just as the ambulance entered the main street.

2 LIR.

0230 Minefield farm attacked by Recce Patrol. Patrol identified as from Skunze Herman Goering Regiment 9 Company 3 Battalion.

1200 F Company send out small patrol to Flat Top 5909. No signs of enemy but a quantity of abandoned damaged equipment found.