RE and Support Group concentration area K3136 reached 0430hrs 7 July.

Brigade Exercise “Marathon” – Attack by 2 LUR (left), 6 Innisks (right), 1 RIrF (reserve) down valley area K2733 starting 0600hrs. Mountain attack. Bttns layup – 6 Innisks K2833, 2 LIR 275327, 1 RIrF K316365, Brigade HQ K293374. Return route via tracks K275377 south east to road 348310 thence north east to road junction 365369 to road junction 392347, where tea was issued and much appreciated by all ranks. Return route continued via Grombalia – Sousse road. All units were within lines by 0800hrs.


Spent the day lying up. The Bttn was not required in the Brigade attack and made all possible use of a rest.

Night – Bttn start to march back. First eleven miles across country through the mountains. A total of 26 miles.

2 LIR.

Exercise “Marathon” continues. Battalion did attack during the morning rested during the heat of the afternoon and marched approx 25 miles back to camp during the hours of darkness.