Brigade HQ – HAMMAMET.

Brigade Exercise “Marathon” for Brigade HQ and Bttns.


0900 Conference for all Coy Commanders and specialist officers on Brigade night exercises. A quiet day.

Night – Divisional endurance test begins. Bttn marched twenty three miles to lying up area.

6 Innisks – HAMMAMET.

0930 Brigade conference on Exercise “Tryout”. Divisional Commander attended points: length of time taken for recces as far down as Section Commanders. Route finding at night and intercommunication by night.

1830 Bttn left camp on Exercise “Marathon” consisting of 20 mile march followed by scheme and 22 miles march back, partly cross country by bounds. Total distance 56 miles in 36 hours. Tea was provided by frequent intervals. Heat very intense with Sirocco wind, but cooled off on 7th.

2 LIR.

Divisional exercise “Marathon” commenced. Battalion march approx 20 miles to Staging Area (Grombalia).

6th July – Rifleman John Kiely, London Irish Rifles.