Brigade HQ – HAMMAMET.

Lt-Col TPD Scott relinquished command of 2 LIR, posted to 12 Infantry Brigade as acting Brigadier.

Major APK O’Connor commands 2 LIR.

Orders for move to Sousse area issued.

Brigade night exercise “Tryout” – 3 to 4 July.

Instructions for Sousse area move issued.

Captain MJ Glenn admitted to 98 General Hospital. Lieut GE Cole appointed acting IO.


A quiet day. Nothing outstanding to report.

Night Brigade night exercise.

6 Innisks – HAMMAMET.

0945 Brigade O Group per exercise “Tryout”.

1930 Bttn moves off to forming up place for exercise. The exercise is to practise Brigade in night attack and reorganisation by first light. 6 Innisks in reserve. Supporting arms delayed in getting up by traffic congestion.

2 LIR.

Exercise “Tryout” commenced. Troops taking part 38 Brigade. 38 Brigade Sp Group as enemy