Brigade HQ – SICILY.

2/Lieut JS Page Backhouse attached this HQ as 2.i.c. Signals Section.

0915 6 FW 190s made low level attack on Brigade area dropping three or four light bombs and machine gunning. No damage or casualties.

1200 Camp Commandant and advance party left for new area.

Purchase of mules and muleteers.


A quiet day. Some doubt arose as to whether the attack was to take place.

1900 Bttn moved up again to area 5583.

On this night, 36 Brigade attacked Centuripe unsuccessfully.

6 Innisks – SICILY.

Extremely hot day.

1600 C & D Coys under command of 1 RIrF and moved to defensive position at 5482.

1800 B & A Coys moved to defensive positions on pt 230 (5984). A 7 mile march, much of which was over stony mountain tracks in the dark. Supporting arms were unable to follow.

2 LIR.

0900 6 MEs flew over Battalion area and dropped bombs near Brigade. Probably looking for tanks which were in the area yesterday.