War Diaries – 29th July 1943

Brigade HQ– SICILY.

0515 Brigade HQ continued via Bucherri ((H7537) and Vizzini ((H6741) to Mineo (H6152). From Mineo, on its peak, the convoy entered the Divisional concentration area and proceeded to Brigade concentration area (H5173) Albospino.

1400 Brigade HQ established at Albospono (H518730). Bttns were disposed as shown on trace, attached as appendix (6 Innisks 528728, 2 LIR 505722, 1 RIrF 517723, Support Group 502723.

17 Field Regiment, 254/64 A/Tk Regiment, 280/49 LAA and 214 Field Company RE were detached from 38 Brigade Group. 38 (Irish) Brigade Operational Order No 6 issued as Appendix.


0030 Bttn MT arrived in new area 5172.

0300 Marching personnel arrived in transport.

The roads on the way up were extremely bad, and several breakdowns and accidents occurred. One three tonner containing a platoon of B Coy mortared with the result that one officer and nine men were admitted to hospital and several others sustained minor injuries. Lieut LG Dunn admitted to hospital.

Bttn spent a quiet day re-organising in new area. Extensive recces were made for the forthcoming operation, which was to take Centuripe and the high ground round it.

6 Innisks – SICILY.

0600 Transport arrives, although not without casualties to vehicles.

Carriers left Divisional assembly area.

New area is stubble field with gully containing washing water. Bttn HQ is established in a farm, whose Sicilian owner is most hospitable. Recce of possible future area of operations by Brigade O Group.

2 LIR.

0800 Battalion continued by transport to Albospino, west of Raddusa, lie up in assembly area.

1000 “O” Group recce forward areas.

2300 “S” Company arrived in assembly area from Ochrina Bay.